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$375 PowerBook???

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by TopGear300, Feb 29, 2008.

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    Hello there!

    If you check any of my other thread's you will see that I have been in the market for an :apple: PowerBook! I own a new iMac and am in love with it, I just really want the PowerBook for the wireless. Jumping online and writing documents not stuck up in a dark gloomy office is what Im after here so after long search I found this:

    A 15.2" PowerBook runnin at 1.25 ghz with a G4
    768 mb of memory
    A SuperDrive
    A BackLit keyboard (which Im just in love with :D:D)
    Original powercable
    Says the battery will hold about a 2-2.5 hour charge

    Now heres the catch:
    It had a 80gb hdd but it crashed and the owner had to put in a 20 gb hdd due to $$$ problems? He says it runs fine now, should I be worried?
    He also does not have the original box.

    But thats it!?! Nothing else I can think of worries me! He had it on eBay but no one bought it, only had a few pictures on the original listing and have requested a few more pics. He said he will send them ASAP and just reassures me that it has the usual wear and tear and thats it ( never dropped, etc...)

    What do you guys think?? Should I be asking to see anything else or want to know anything else before the purchase??? Should I go for it??

    THANKS GUYS!! :apple:
  2. TEG
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    Sounds ok to me.

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    cherry su

    Wow that's a really good price! You could probably throw a new 80GB hard drive for less than $60.
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    Yeah, if you get it upgrade the hard drive. 20GB will even slow down the OS.
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    Im going to wait to see the pics but I can see what will stop me from buying it other than any unusual gouges or slices in it! I did plan on upgrading it to at least an original 80gb HDD!

    Do you guys think I should try and talk him down on the price a little?

    I want t buy it a new HDD (min $60/min 80gb) A new battery ( found a brand new one on eBay for $60), I would also like to put more memory in it, I want one 1 gb chip in their (and asuming that 768 is in their means a 512mb and a 256mb chip is in thier I will be running 1gb and a keep the 512mb. I will also throw either leopard or tiger on there which I have both of the instal discs but he dosent know that :D:D so I can say im dropping $129 their as well!!

    Any input appreciated!!!
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    Just buy it. It really sound like a good deal. As you can always upgrade it later if you want.
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    Straight to the Point

    Hahaha well I can't argue with that logic!

    What should a laptop like this normally go for?
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    I would guess $500-$600, but I could be way off. Is this running Panther or Tiger?
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    500-ish seems like the range.

    In the 600's/700's your entering the 1.67 ghz G4's.

    Good deal though, I'd buy it.
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    Was running Tiger BUT.... when he put in the new HDD in he loaded Panther?
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    I don't know the details, but if you want to work wirelessly, I'd get a new battery, harddisk, and more RAM. I owned a 1.0 GHz 12" PowerBook with 1.25 GB of RAM, and I think you'd need at least that much RAM. Like you said, that may cost another $250 or so.

    But after adding those costs in, you have to ask yourself whether its better just to buy a newer laptop that comes with all this stuff standard.

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