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3G iPod WELL UNDER 200

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by StarbucksSam, Nov 24, 2004.

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    Hello friends,

    I felt the need to repost this in a new thread because things have changed so much and I feel that though this is the same item, it deserves its own apartment if you know what I mean... the price and status have changed significantly. (If you are planning on closing this thread, please close the old one instead - this is the one I'd like to keep open - sorry for posting two threads on the same item, but things changed so much)

    What I'm selling you now is a polished up (still some minor scratches, Brasso is not perfect, but it looks very good) 3G iPod 15 GB. The great thing is though, I'm selling the item for only $179.50. I'm not expecting many bidders on this so I have set it pretty low which means it is available for you at this price. If you bid, and you're the only one, you're going to get an iPod for a lot less than 200 bucks. There is no reserve on this item, so you should do pretty well. Please check out the auction at eBay.


    If you have questions please contact me via AIM or PM.


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    This just sold in an off-eBay transaction for $170 tentatively. This will happen if I have no bids by the time she gets to the post office to send the money order (2:00ish EST). It is still up for grabs starting at 189.50 on eBay, but I am pulling the listing as soon as she sends the order if there are no bids.

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