3GB of "other" data on my iPhone 4S!?!?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by olletsocmit, Apr 16, 2013.

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    I just got a replacement iPhone 4S in the mail today because my current one has a broken speaker. I sync my iPhone with my 2011 MacBook Pro. I went to sync my busted one 1 more time before I go to plug in the new one and noticed something... There is 2.56GB of "Other" data on my phone. What the hell is almost 3GB of "other" space on my iPhone?? I don't want all this cap on my new iPhone. Does it data serve a purpose? Can I not sync it?

    This is my first time doing this... Just plug in the new iPhone from Verizon and and hit sync and it will be the same ad my phone is now??

    Please help with this "other" crap!!!
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    Apr 6, 2012
    The "Other" in iOS is a mixture of different things. Caches, logs, temp files. Pretty much stuff on the operating system that iTunes doesn't really recognize. Your best bet to shrink it would be to do what I do. Jailbreak the 4S if you can, then download iCleaner or something. Run it and try to delete as many things as you can inside the app. My "Other" usually goes from about 2.5GB to about 1.1GB every week because I keep cleaning.
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    It sucks man. I've heard it could either be messages, to in game content, to just junk. It's really the miscellaneous on the iPhone. I'm at 1.5GB of other. It's annoying. It goes up everyday by 10MB. I was up to 3GB and I had to just restore and start fresh.
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    If jail broken, is there a way to delete the folder that is causing this pile up of data?
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    I love how people say its the OS itself, minus texts, e-mails and all that, when in reality, the allocated space for the OS has already been allotted prior to filling it up with our own personal things. 3 gigs of texts and emails? YEAH RIGHT....
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    Download iCleaner from cydia and use that to free space. I have everything checked except for safari (I don't want my browsing history to be lost) and cydia sources
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    Mr Kram

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    i've been using this method for years.
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    My gmail email and my work email that I have on here for work thru exchange is all stored on my phone? I thought all my gmail mail was stores on gmail server and all my work email is stores on my office server and I just see it on my phone, am I wrong?
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    You're wrong. The phone caches data its already downloaded. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to read mail it'd already read when the phone was in airplane mode.
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    Does it cache all 4000 of my gmail emails and all 6000 of my work ones I my phone? Cuz that will start I fill my phone fast, or does it just keep like the last 100 of each on my phone

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