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3GB of Ram in a G4 Quicksilver?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by scalnajim, Aug 28, 2008.

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    I was hoping to install 3-1GB PC-133 168-Pin Non-ECC non-Reg SDRAM Memory in a Quicksilver G4. Would this memory work?

    G4 Quicksilver 1.8 GHZ 2TB Sata Raid.

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    It has a 1.5GB limit.
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    You can try installing them but the hardware won't see them.
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    Lord Zedd

    1.5GB is the limit. Adding more is a waste of money since the hardware won't use it all.
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    It can only address modules of a maximum of 512 MB density, hence the 1.5 GB limit. Be sure to get low-density 512 MB chips, btw.
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    I thought it was a 2 gb limit in QS PMs.

    1.5 is only if you boot in OS9?
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    It's a hardware limit, not a software issue.
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    The QS G4s have only three memory slots, unlike the earlier (and later) G4s. They can only address 1.5 GB due to the maximum 512 MB DIMM density.

    Mac OS 9 did indeed have a 1.5 GB memory limit, and a maximum of 999 MB for any given application.

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