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3rd-party driver for Mac laptop trackpads

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Daveman Deluxe, Sep 12, 2003.

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    Daveman Deluxe


    This came up in my RSS feed from versiontracker. Any thoughts?

    It's a kernel extension that replaces the current drivers in the iBook and PowerBook G4. It enables vertical scrolling, horizontal scrolling, mapping the hardware button to left- and right-click (!!!) and mapping the trackpad to left- and right-click.

    It's a beta, however. Any thoughts on this product?

    Edit: from the same folks that brought you MenuMeters! :D
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    wow...it works and works well. i am now getting rid of uControl. thx for the heads up man.
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    As a PC user this renders my last excuse for not buying an ibook or powerbook obsolete. I hate the one button mouse and dreaded the thought of using it. But I'm now ready to go out an buy the new 15" (when it comes out).
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    Wow, this is fantastic. Just being able to vertical scroll with right side of my pad makes this worthwhile. I hope they don't add any new features to complicate things. I will buy this when it expires (unless it's really expensive).

    The only issue I'm having is that when I swipe too close to the right edge, it thinks I want to do a vertical scroll and gets stuck. Guess I'll have to avoid the right edge of the pad unless I'm trying to scroll.
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    holy awesomeness daveman this works great
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    Daveman Deluxe

    I thought you all would like this. I mainly posted here because I wanted to hear a bit about it before I install, since it can cause kernel panics. Glad you all enjoyed it! :D
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    Daveman Deluxe

    Damn! It doesn't work on my iBook at all. :(
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    did you reboot?
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    Daveman Deluxe

    I rebooted. I wonder if it doesn't work on an iBook?
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    works fine on my iBook 600.

    is it in your system prefs?
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    Daveman Deluxe

    I got it working. I didn't realize I had to go into the Preferences. Very nice now.
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    two button mice

    Why are people so hung up on the one button mouse thing? I have a two button mouse with scroll wheel (dial?) on the mac, works great.
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    Staff Member

    This is very useful. Whenever I don't have my mouse with me, I always miss the lack of a scroll wheel. Now I don't have to worry about it :)
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    Daveman Deluxe

    Re: two button mice

    I'm not worried about not having a two-button mouse since I bought one for $10 and got another for free after rebates.

    I'm more frustrated about having a single-button trackpad, which is harder to replace than a mouse.
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    Although I'd like a two button mouse with scroll to come with a Mac (yeah you can buy seperate bt why buy seperate when already paid for a mouse when buy comp and other mice dont have Apples design and look ulgy to me) but on a laptop whats the difference between control click and right click when your hands are already right next to the keyboard, except for being more obvious for novice users?
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    i could care less about the right click function. i find it gets in the way on trackpads anyways. what makes this program great, imho, is getting the SCROLL function we should have in the FIRST place. i really don't see why apple doesn't at least give the option.
  17. sjk
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    Re: two button mice

    I was surprised how quickly I got comfortable with the one-button trackpad on my iBook 600 after some initial "flying cursor" static issues disappeared. I've struggled more trying to use the one-button Apple mouse on Macs at stores and know I won't use one when I get a desktop Mac sometime after Panther is included. I'll use my Wacom tablet more then since I can leave it permanently attached.

    I've never used a two-button trackpad much because the one on my wife's Toshiba notebook generates "random" (and potentially dangerous!) left clicks, regardless of preference tweaking. At times it seemingly happened even when I wasn't touching the trackpad at all(!) So the mouse has been a permanent peripheral for a couple years.

    A few weeks ago while repairing a friend's Windows worm/virus-infested Toshiba notebook I quickly discovered it had the same random-click-trackpad behavior(!) I dunno what it is with those trackpads but they're usable for me. It may be I've overlooked something "obvious", and writing this inspires me to google a bit for info about it after posting here. :)

    I'll be interested to try SideTrack on my iBook tho' probably not 'til it's out of beta since I'm not doing anything risky with my system before an upcoming holiday. I like MenuMeters... just wish the menubar wasn't maxed-out crowded now. I'd give up the vertical space to have a second, separate, always-visible menu bar for various "menu extras" that won't be obscured by application menus. Hmm, that would be an interesting utility... maybe a future Unsanity haxie? :D
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    just be glad that apple doesn't put those eraser tip things. they're really ugly.
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    wow! that thingy sounds cool, it might actually be usefull if Apple ever releases PowerBooks so i can use it. :rolleyes:
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    Wow, when I finally get my powerbook, my boyfriend will be super-happy with this driver. He's constantly bitching about how the Mac trackpads stink.


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    It's really sad at the number of people not buying iBooks/Powerbooks dues to the one button mouse thing. Frankly I hope Apple never retires the one button mouse.
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    I like the one button mouse as well, but it sure is good to have the vertical scroll!
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    Daveman Deluxe

    On further thought, yeah, it is better to have a single-button mouse. Having the scroll function is REALLY nice though. I always hated scrolling through long documents when away from my PowerMate before.
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    I can't get this software to work on my new 17PB. perhaps because of OSX 10.2.7?

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