iPad mini 3rd party Smart Cover. Metal Hinge iPad Style review and Pics added

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by MrXiro, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. MrXiro, Nov 29, 2012
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    Just got a red one of these in the mail. It costs $16 and ships from China.


    Been using the grey official Smart Cover for the last few weeks. It would often detach and isn't the greatest build quality... it's not BAD just not $40 value.

    The knock off is a bit thinner than the official cover BUT because it's got the metal hinges it holds a bit tighter and the cover magnet that turns the screen off is also a bit stronger than the original. It doesn't sit flush at first but after a few bends it settles in.

    The Knock off does feel cheaper. Much like my Khomo cover for my ipad 2 did. It's thin, but it's also slightly bigger than the Apple one and has more "lip" on the sides to protect and lift up.

    The red is the same bright slightly orange-y color as the Apple cover.

    Overall I like it and it's a hell of a lot better deal for 16 bucks shipped.
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    Do you happen to have any photos of the cover or the hinge? It there much movement of the cover i.e. there's very little play pushing the iPad 2 Smart Cover corner to corner. I'm looking for a metal hinge more like the iPad 2, the Smart Cover for the iPad Mini is horrible.

    I appreciate your post since I would not have found the seller otherwise.

  3. MrXiro, Dec 1, 2012
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    it is very similar if not exactly like the 1st party full size iPad Smart Cover hinge.

    the hinge pushes all the way back like the full sized one... BUT I've discovered today that the magnets might be a little too strong as my screen turned off a few while the cover was flipped all the way back. Works great as long as you take the whole thing off or use it in stand mode.
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    Some pics

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    Does this still work with smart cover compatible cases?
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    It looks to take up the same amount of space as a the Apple branded smart cover, so my educated guess would be yes... BUT I don't own any back cases so I can't confirm... If one of those back cases were on it would probably solve the screen turning off when the cover is folded back though.
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    Time Less

    Thanks, this looks good enough for me. I wanted the oem one but the price was a turnoff.
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    The turn-off for me is the way this eBay seller markets. eBay now allows for "multi products" and so a seller like this lists the smart cover as the main item, yet offers a $6 USB cable, so you go to the page thinking it's a $7 smart cover, then you select the smart cover and it jumps the price to $21... bait and switch! You can only order a lightning cable for $6.97 ...

    The bottom line is yeah, a good deal even at $20, but I disagree with the way the seller is going about advertising.

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