4 kernel panics in 3 days

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by nintendude, Sep 13, 2009.

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    Hi, recently I've been getting a lot of kernel panics. They usually happen at random times when I'm browsing Safari. Most of the time I can reboot normally but once I got 3 repeating beeps when trying to start-up.

    This is from the problem report:
    Any ideas why this is happening?
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    This sounds like bad hardware. I think 3 beeps is memory, but there also is a macbook air specific issue about 9 beeps in sets of three which is a sign to go see apple or authorized repair: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1221

    Good luck and keep us posted.
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    I called AppleCare and they told me to Repair Disk Permissions, do a SMC reset, and go through the extended Apple Hardware Test. The AHT has been going for almost 3 hours now and doesn't seem like its going to be ending anytime soon.

    edit/ the test just finished after about 4 hours and its saying there are no errors. I guess I'll just wait and see if I get any more kernel panics within the next few days
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    I only get kernel panics (both on 10.5 & 10.6 :() when I'm too aggressive with CoolBook settings.

    It's on 07'MBP.
    But what I'm saying, software could cause hardware to malfunction.
    (as if you didn't know:rolleyes:)
    In this case CPU becomes unstable when system management pushes it to the edge (of a range of voltages it actually supports)
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    I've only gotten kernel panics on Snow Leopard using my rev.A MBA (no Coolbook). As I said above, this usually occurs randomly when I'm using Safari with nothing really CPU intensive going on most of the time.
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    Hrmmph. I wonder if something is marginal/just starting to go. It's always tough when the problem is sporadic. Did you experience this when you were running Leopard? or has this only started since moving to Snow Leopard (guessing based on the kernel version)?
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    Just got another kernel panic and the 3 beeps after restarting. I called AppleCare and they think its bad RAM so I'm going to an Apple Store in a few days.

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    Any update?

    I've got the same problem with Kernel Panics on a MBA rev A on SL.

    The first week on SL was great, but since then it has deteriorated fast with the kernel panics. I was running coolbook but the kp's persisted even after removing this. I ran the apple hardware test, but nothing came up there. Nothing on the repair permissions either.

    Going to the genius bar tomorrow. Been there twice for other issues. First time, they applied thermal paste. Next time they changed the logic board. We'll see what happens now...
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    Are you also getting the beep codes?
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    I have had several kernel panics on my new MBair ( 2 weeks old) leopard 10.6.1 .
    But since I stopped using the ethernet adapter on a hub in favor of an airport express and use Firefox instead of Safari . it seems back to normal...I hope.
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    whooop spoke too fast.. 2 kernel panics in the last 3 hours even without the ethernet USB adapt and browsing with Firefox.
    I'll have to run the hardware test and call Apple.What a drag. First time ever in 20 years that I get a bad Mac..may be because of my old Tshirt "intel outside " ?
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    I'll chime in here as well. Rev B 1.86, SSD running 10.6.1, ever since upgrading to SL I have had a half dozen KPs. Just now the dock wouldn't come up from auto hide. Machine is acting peculiar. Fans aren't on all the time and the temps are reasonable, I think. Really not sure what to do. I did the most recent software upgrade but had no real effect. Just thought I'd add to the thread.
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    As someone who has not yet taken the SL plunge, I have a few questions:

    1) did you do a clean install or upgrade? or did you buy a machine with it preinstalled?
    2) are your running 32 bit or 64 bit kernel?
    3) are you using any 3rd party kernel extensions (VPN software, etc)?
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    My Apple Store appointment is on Friday so I'll update you guys after it

    1. Upgrade
    2. 32 bit kernel
    3. No 3rd party kernel extensions
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    clean install, 32 bit, no extensions. No beeps.

    I am able to reproduce the kp now with any you tube video.

    Genius appt today...any chance I can convince them to get me a Rev B as a replacement?
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    Update: Geniuses say they don't understand the console message, think it is a firmware and/or logic board problem Won't replace computer until it goes back again
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    My MBAir came with SL 10.6 pre installed . I even waited 2 weeks to order the day it came out, stupid of me ! I should have known better and do the other way around.
    But now, no way back... just hope 10.6.2 or 10.6.3 will do the job.
    I did full memtest and all Ok . I will do the Apple hardware test to double check but seeing what I see in the forums, almost sure it is an OS related problem.
    May be if we swamp Apple with reports of all our KP they will may consider our problems.
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    Thanks. I was trying to rule out cruft from an update vs. clean install and/or some 64 vs. 32 bit issues. Have you filed a case with Apple? Maybe you do just have a "lemon". Good luck.
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    So far I did not file a case because I am away from home. I do not think it is that bad, for 36H now it has been perfect .
    But I use only keyboard & mouse and occasionally the fax modem connected to the hub of the NEC 20" display.
    As far as I can read in other forums I am quite sure the Ethernet on USB hub gives problem and Safari does too.
    I am using Firefox and WiFi now and it looks MUCH better indeed.
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    Kernel panics are (relatively) common here; perhaps once every two weeks or so.

    In my experience, it almost always occurs when watching Flash video online (that may just be because that's very CPU intensive; the panics might occur too if I gamed a lot).
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    I had problems with the flash player after I upgraded to SL. Went to the Internet plug-in folder and dragged the flash player plug-in to the desktop. Then went to youtube and tried to play a video which forces the newest plug-in to be downloaded. No problems since, all is stable again.:)
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    FYI, the only way you'll get a 64-bit kernel by default is if you install Snow Leopard Server.
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    That's by default. You can boot the 64 bit kernel by holding down the 6 and 4 keys or you can adjust (by various means noted in other threads) com.apple.Boot.plist to set the arch to x86_64.
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    5 kernel panics today!

    I have had many problems recently but today is record-breaking! I have swamped apple with reports. Can't figure out a clear trend of a certain application or device, initially thought it was VMware, but I am not running it anymore and still experience problems.
    Ideas welcomed!
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    Not on the MBA. Apple has not allowed 64-bit booting on MB or MBA to my knowledge. I tried when SL was first released. Even though hardware supports it, Apple doesn't on these two "consumer" Macs. Read about some third party utilities that can force it. Honestly with all the problems with those who are using 64-bit kernel, I believe OS X isn't truly ready for it. Apple has failed big time in my book!

    Going to these kernel panics... I haven't had a single kp, ever on a rev B/C MBA. Not in Leopard nor in Snow Leopard. I have never used CoolBook either. I find no need on a rev B/C to use it.

    Some have mentioned FireFox over Safari, but Safari is much much faster in its latest 4 release. I haven't had any problems with Safari.

    I don't really have any clue what's happening here. I sure wonder if it's a common app you're all using if it's only happening in Snow Leopard or if it's a hardware issue.

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