40,000 A Week!!

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by MrMacMan, Jun 15, 2003.

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    Wow guys, nice, thanks for everyone who has done this, this is a new level.

    Great Job! :)

    Keep IT UP!

    Very nice!

    All of you who have been kicking it into hyper-drive, very nice.
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    Wow. Impressive indeed.

    I didn't think we'd get here so quick after breaking 30k! :D
  3. pEZ
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    It was a chore trying to get to 30k - but 40k just kinda happened. What is that?
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    Wow, that was fast! This fall I can get 2 new eMacs + an iMac folding 24/7, + my g4 and my brothers new 970(as soon as they come out!)
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    Mr. Anderson

    wow! unbelievable, and here we were hoping to get 3000 in a week! Very cool - how long will we be able to keep it going?

    I haven't been doing much myself, someone else must be putting in a few extra machines. Rower, did you get more machines going in your lab?

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    I think you mean 30 k a week, the record we passed like a week ago. :)
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    Absolutely incredible! Let's keep this going! 50K!
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    Mr. Anderson

    50k? now that would be impressive. That's over 7k a day! The only way I see that happening is if we get an influx of dual 970s over the summer.......but we'd still need a lot - 1000 point a day is 20 - 30 WUs extra. That's more than 20 - 30 more machines - although, I imagine given the numbers for the MacBidouille specs, a dual 1.8 970 might be able to pump out 1 or more WUs a day....

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    Nope. We've been static for quite some time. We will be moving the Mac lab over to the latest core (i.e. Gromacs) in the next two weeks, so I might see a little boost in output there.

    I think it's primarily Zeke and bertinman who are driving this new increase.
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    I started folding this week (sporatically, I don't think I pushed us over the edge). I've got a dual processor and it looks like both processors are working on the exact same work unit. Is that how it is supposed to work? I downloaded the dual script from the FAQ posted at the top of this board.
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    Maybe you just have 2 of the same WU's by luck ?
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    I can't believe we are doing 40,000 a week now. I also remember when we were doing 3000 a week, it was not that long ago. Only months. I guess my new Athlon is really helping out!
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    I've just added an athlon 1500+. Could that be responsible? ;)

    I suspect that much of this rise can be attributed to students not being in the labs anymore, so mc68k, rower, zeke et all are seeing their stats rise. What worries me though is: what will happen when term starts again? Will our production drop?
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    yup, you bet.

    the summer increase is a good thing though, if not only for the nice boost in points, but also for moral and getting more people to join--a team which is doing well, is a team that attracts new members ;).

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    Yeah well, I don't think a really big hit.

    Seriously tho, I'm sure we can get some members to join over the summer right?

    Maybe we can get a couple MR members at the Folding Forums... ;)
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    Guys? Holy crap. We broke 7,000 points today. Our computers are on speed or other processor enhancing drug.
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    Maybe so but that is only one of the stats pages.

    Statsman and team macnn say a little different. We get close to 7k but I think more around 6,500 ... :rolleyes:

    Still an amasing amound, good frikken job you guys! :)
  18. pEZ
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    I've been tending to believe Extreme Overclocking's stats because they have been very close to the truth in terms of predicting stuff, at least since they last updated the site format.

    Seriously, do you really want to take suggestions from MacNN? :D
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    The disparity is in how they view a "day". ExtremeOCers use the calendar day, while Statsman and MacNN use the last 24 hours.

    I say take whatever looks best and use it. :D
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    Dont forget my 30 points-a-day:)!!! allright maybe you can......
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    I think no matter how you slice it, it was a record day for MacRumors Team Folding.

    Record day so far, anyway. The production graph on extremeoverclocking just keeps going up and up!

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