40GB Toshiba Hard Drives

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    iPoding notes that Toshiba now lists a 40GB version of the 1.8" HD that is used in Apple's iPod.

    10GB and 20GB versions of Toshiba's drives were announced in January 2002 and then found their way into Apple's iPods in March 2002 (10GB) and July 2002 (20GB).
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    Considering I thought any iPod was a silly thing to own, I can't believe I'm about to say this... but I'd trade my 20gig for a 40gig in a heartbeat!
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    the page describing the drive in detail is dead.

    any ideas what the price of the bare drive is?
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    Hopefully iPod updates will come this week! :D
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    what should i do

    my mp3/cd player was stolen from my car and now i have the money to buy a decent cd player and a 20g ipod. (they did a little damage to my sunroof and my employer is picking up my deductable.)...compUSA said they would let me trade if apple released something up to two weeks after i purchase something....should i wait or get the 20g?
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    An iPod that can hold ALL my music. :cool:

    I love you, Apple.
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    If apple was smart they would have worked with toshiba to get thier ipods ready for the new hard drives, making it possible for them to release immediately.
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    Re: what should i do

    20gig since the hdd has been around for awhile and is known to be reliable.

    This new 40gig does not have a track record yet.
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    This drive won’t see it’s way into the iPod for about two or three months!! :(

    I would use it for back up and mp3’s, because my 10GB iPod is too small to back up all my stuff!!

    I would also trade it in for my external Firewire HDD….it is just way to big!!
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    Re: Re: what should i do

    good point...but do you think the only thing that will be updated will be the HDD?
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    Re: Finally!

    You have to be kidding. How many MP3's do you have?
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    well with 175 cds and another 10 with just mp3s (6.2 gigs or so) ill fill up 25 gigs easy. plus i buy cds like they were going out of style. as a music education major im always in the mood to see whats the next best thing in music. PS i never pirate (more than one song per day)
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    5-7 days...

    Does anyone have any idea why the 5GB iPods are still out since last week? Also, the 10 and 20's have been at 5-7 day lead time since the same time last week (when they are normally 1-3 day waits) when the iMac's also went to a 5-7 day lead time. Any bright ideas?

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    Why do you say that?
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    All I want is price drops and the ability to record to the iPod. It would be sweet to have a 40Gig, but it would be overkill for me since my iBook only has a 20G drive. :(
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    You can probably expect them in 2 weeks to a month from now, as most people have been saying, I think Apple is trying to spread out the momentum from MacWorld.:D
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    Re: what should i do

    I think you should wait, you have nothing to lose except instant gratification;) .
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    Re: 5-7 days...

    Something is definately up, because look at the CD-RW FP iMac, it has a 2-3 week wait (I think), and you can still order one, but the 5GB iPod cannot even be ordered...so something is definately up.
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    Haha....:D, not to talk about pirating, but I must have like 20 of MP3 only albums from eMusic, its a great service, but a little overpriced.
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    My guess would be not until March. If you notice over on the apple gift guide http://www.apple.com/giftguide/ the iPod splash add mentions customization of the 10 or 20 Gig iPod with no mention of the 5. So I see a 40 coming soon, but not too soon.
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    Re: Re: Finally!

    6390 and counting.... 36.21 GB. I've been waiting over a year for a 40G iPod.

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    Looking at the specs for the 10 vs. 20 gig iPods, the 20 gig is .7oz heavier and .12in thicker. How much bigger will a 40 gig iPod be? Geez, all that weight could pull my arm out of my socket when I lift it. (Just kidding.) :rolleyes:
    Actually, I just finished ripping all of my CD's onto my hard drive, so a 20 gig would just hold all of 'em, guess I better wait for the 40 for future CD purchases.
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    Never enough space

    Music collections are one of those things where you always know someone who has a bigger one. No matter what hard drive capacities we get, someone will always say that it is not enough. For the average music collection 20GB would be enough. When 40GB drives make their way into iPods it would be time for Apple to integrate video playback into them, otherwise for most people the extra space would be a waste.
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    yeah. but regardless of what you want, i would wait. i bet you save at least 100$ on the 20 when the 40 is out. maybe more. i am crossing my fingers. i hope a reseller puts out the old 5s for 200-250. i would be all over that. as it is, my pocketbook can't put up 300$ for a music player.

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