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48 Hour XBOX Live - Free

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by tjcampbell, Jan 31, 2008.

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    48 HR FREE TRIAL on Xbox Live

    First reply gets it.

    Cheers Tommy
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    I'll take it for someone i know if that's cool.
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    No Problem, will PM you the code right now.
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    you only got one?
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    FYI, here's how to get a free 48-hr code (or lots of them):

    Go to http://www.keepingittwisted.com/xbox_promo_landing.aspx

    Sign up (doesn't even have to be a real email address...they don't confirm).

    Enter access code AA4XPN3.

    There you go.

    For quick useless email addresses, you can go to 10minutemail.com.

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    actually I have three. Just PM'd you a code.

    One more up for grabs.
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    awesome! thanks for that. too bad they have the most annoying word verification system ever. took me about 10 different times to finally get it right lol
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    I'm going to laugh when one of your non existing emails wins the grand prize!
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    well the good news is that you CAN keep the email address for more than 10 minutes...you just have to keep refreshing it. But yes, that'd be pretty funny.
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    you're right...it's the most difficult word verification system I've ever dealt with.
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    too bad it doesn't work on existing accounts. i read the fine print...

    anyways, here's 2 codes if anyone wants to use to create a new account:
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    you sure about that? i've used two on my existing account already.

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