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4G iPod Mini Blue

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by boneca, Mar 28, 2005.

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    I'm selling my iPod Mini blue color it has custom engraving on the back witch says BONECA (doll in Portuguese).
    I have it for about 6 mth and used it for maybe 2 weeks always at home. No scratches or any damages.
    I will also include 2 protective cases, 1 leather and second clear one (I bought both at Apple store)
    + iPod dock mini.

    I'm asking $200 + $10 shipping in US.

    will ship from Peabody, MAss.
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    Just for reference, the new 4gb iPod mini's, with better battery life than the 1G's are $200 brand new, $180 with edu discount. The refurb 1G's from Apple are $180 as well.

    So I'm sure, but I don't think that a used 1G mini will get more than $150 shipped, or so. Also, the engraving, imo, drops the value considerably; I personally, would probably pay about $100 for an engraved 1G mini.

    If you fail to sell it, that offer is on the table.

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    I see your point Rob, but don't forget that new iPods doesn't come with half the stuff I'm offering both USB and FW cables I will also include dock which I will have no use for me after I'll sell it. and don't forget about cases.
    So if you'll put everything together - how much would it be?
    anyway I know it will sell sooner or later, I'm not really desperate to sell it as well I just have no use for it since I got 30GB iPod Photo its just sitting on my desk, but for $100 it can sit there for awhile.
    anyway thx for hands up.
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    The dock adds some value, guess it will come down to the engraving... hop eyou do well,

    Best wishes,
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    I'm interested in the Mini, Dock, & the clear case. Since it is engraved I'm willing to offer $160 shipped. PM me or email me if you're interested.
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    you could try ebay and see how much they are selling for there.
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    new price: $165 shipped (iPod, Dock, 2 Cases)
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    Still for sale?

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