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4G iPod nano compatible car stereos?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by SactoGuy18, Apr 5, 2009.

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    Since I'm about to buy a car stereo that can directly control an iPod, I've read that many of these car stereos cannot control the 4G iPod nano.

    Does anyone here know how to find a list of car stereo head units that are 4G iPod nano compatible? :confused: Or offer an adapter cable so the head unit will work with the 4G iPod nano?
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    An update: I may just forget the idea of getting a head unit that can directly control the 4G iPod nano.

    I may just get myself a lower cost car stereo head unit that has the 3.5 mm stereo phone jack auxiliary input and get myself a Griffin Technology AutoPilot adapter instead. Since AutoPilot is certified by Griffin to work with the 4G iPod nano or the 120 GB iPod classic, at least I can get line-level audio output from the iPod to the car stereo, which should have reasonable sound quality. :)
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    I have a Kenwood, Excelon series (don't remember the exact number) and it controls my 4G Nano fine.
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    I just ordered a Sony CDX-GT730UI to be installed in my car. I found out that this car stereo head unit works with the 4G nano, provided I use the USB 2.0 cable provided by Apple with the player. :)

    The only bummer: every car stereo store in my area is so busy I won't get it installed until this weekend. :(

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