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Discussion in 'iPod' started by sravana, May 27, 2009.

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    I'm assuming that one can pause, rewind, and fast forward during playback with a nano. I'm going to be using it mostly to learn foreign languages, and I'll need to be able to go back and hear something again.

    Is my assumption correct? If so, I'll be getting a 16GB nano tonight! :)
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    Yes you can. Believe it or not most MP3 players can fast forward, rewind, and pause nowadays:D
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    lol. ;)

    Thanks for the answer. :)

    This will be my first mp3 player, can't you tell? I'm glad they're state of the art.
    One further q: if I record a digital file from another source and sync it with my computer, can iTunes import it?

    (yes, I'm a total n00b, but I'm game to learn new things at 50 lol)
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    Andrew K.

    That's awesome for your age to want to learn :D You may have more fun with a Touch because you can watch video and see the text better since it's a larger screen, my dad's 49 and he can barely see what's on the nano screen , not saying your eye sight is bad just making sure you know about your options:)
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    At my age lol. :)

    I know about the touch, might get one of those after they're upgraded.

    I just ordered the purple 4G nano. Yay! :D

    My second apple product... :) :)

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