4GB iPod Nano-cromatic $129.83

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Hawkeye411, Oct 3, 2008.

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    I just picked up 2 iPod Nano 4GB form Walmart for only $129.83 !!:eek:
    They had quite a few in stock here in Fredericton including the Red Nano.

    Get them while their HOT!!!!:):apple:

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    How can anyone get by with 4GB!?!?!?
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    Depending on the needs quite easily I would say. I still have one of the 1st gen nanos (2GB) and it serves me well in the gym and on runs. So what if I have to switch the music out every week or so to keep it fresh, some don't mind doing that for the savings.

    Everyone has their personal, some like to have their entire library with them and some only like to carry what fits in a shuffle (which explains why Apple has all of these different products ;) )
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    ..and for only twenty dollars more you can double the capacity.. that doesn't sound like a good buy..
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    Apple Ink

    Couldnt've put it better..... still, to each his own or hers maybe!
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    Australia also got the 4GB nanos.
  7. bov
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    didn't even know the newest nano came in 4GB. :confused:
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    Limited production run... going by the delays we saw on the 16GB models, I would say Apple made a last-minute decision to double capacities from 4 and 8GB models to 8 and 16GB...
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    Actually ... $25 (or 20%) more expensive. A penny save is a yada yada yada ... :D ... and they are for my kids.


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