4th Gen iPads With LTE Now Arriving at Apple Retail Stores

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    9to5Mac is reporting that Apple Retail Stores are taking delivery of new fourth-generation iPad models with LTE cellular (though not the iPad mini), but they have not begun sales of them yet.

    Cellular-capable iPad mini and 4th-gen iPad orders are expected to be delivered to US customers beginning on Thursday and Friday of this week, and it's likely that retail store sales of cellular-capable fourth-generation iPads and iPad mini's will begin on Friday. Recently, Apple has generally launched iOS products on Fridays.

    Article Link: 4th Gen iPads With LTE Now Arriving at Apple Retail Stores
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    I can't even get LTE on my iP5... Screw the ipad.
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    where do u live?
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    STiNG Operation

    Are you with AT&T?
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    Already? Damn mine won't get here til Monday .. Bs
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    Hmm how about offering GPS on the wifi only models apple!

    It's all about the $ isn't it ? [points finger at apple]
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    Now I just need an official announcement so I can go pick one up for my wife.
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    Are Apples pre-orders always this screwy? I've had the 16th, then the 23rd, then the 16th again, now it's the 21st. I even get an email (6 days ago) that said it would be shipping in 5 days, and still nothing.
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    Relax, folks. He was only asking about iTunes 11, you don't need to jump down his throat.

    One great thing with iTunes 11 is the play next option. Allowing you to queue up songs without needing to make playlists.
  11. sza
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    I really don't care.


    Apple would rather pay 22M to be licensed to use the fancy clock app design on ipad than add GPS to make it more cost effective. So do they really care about the consumers?
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    They cared enough to use a $22 million dollar fancy clock design. :D
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    right now I'd just like it to exist, thanks :eek:
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    This is great

    Now they can not have stock on this device just like they don't have stock on iPad minis.
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    I wasn't talking about Safari ;)
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    I live in Clermont Florida, a small town right outside or Orlando. But I was in Orlando all day and NO LTE. Even after turning off cellular and turning it back on it still went to 4G
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    Well the wifey's ipad 3 4g is having some issues. I'm not excited about swapping it out for a refurb. Too bad they don't have some sort of trade up option. I assume they don't have any more brand new ipad 3's w/ cellular.
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    Yes sir...
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    Blame Apple for carrier network issues. Genius!
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    STiNG Operation

    Me too, and I won't see LTE for another 2 years here in MI. Couldn't afford to switch so riding out ATT for another 2 year contract lmfao.
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    [MOD NOTE]
    Stay on topic, this news thread is not about iTunes or iMacs, its about the LTE equipped iPad.
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    It's silly of them. Every time I update my iPad I ask $130 for GPS

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    The refurb will be indistinguishable from new--no scratches, dents, etc. Also, Apple most certainly has a trade up option, its just you have to pay for an entirely new iPad 4. :)
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    I'm not sure which parts of Orlando you've been to. But I have AT&T and I've seen LTE just about every part I've been to. From the I-Drive area, to Waterford Lakes, to MCO, to W. Colonial Dr and Metro West. Some areas are faster than others, but the speeds are pretty respectable.
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    I ordered mine this morning... I am getting mine Dec. 3rd... if apple gets them this week.. I am gonna head down and just pick one up...

    I do hope it shows up earlier

    75Mi. away

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