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5.01 Benefit to itunes vs OTA

Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by metsjetsfan, Nov 10, 2011.

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    is there a benefit to doing the full 800MB on itunes vs OTA? Does anyone know besides any speculation?
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    No there isn't.
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    for a quick fix, yeah there's definitely a benefit to OTA. However, you'll need the full software download to perform a restore.
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    thanks if you do OTA then backup to itunes I imagine it won't cause any problems?
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    My question is:

    Can you OTA to 5.01 and still retain your JB(5.0)?
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    The update will fail. My wife tried the OTA update with her jailbroken iP4 on 5.0 and it went into the tethered boot mode and she was stuck without a phone until i got home and resn0wed it.

    I'm glad it did that versus her losing iOS 5.0 and a chance at the untether 5.0 jailbreak in the future.
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    No benefit whatsoever....they just haven't updated iTunes to be able to do an incremental update...it still downloads the entire OS and updates it that way. OTA is just more efficient.
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    Thanks for the info! Saved me the trouble!
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    Yeah, she saw the badge and it was driving her crazy. She then went into setting and updated so she could get rid of the badge.

    At least the badge is gone now.
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    I am jailbroken and the OTA update simply fails for me, no muckery anywhere else.

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