500 GB Mini/iMac?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by statler, Mar 14, 2008.

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    No, not likely. It wouldn't even be a bto option on the Mini - not until they offer it on the more expensive machines. Even now the Mini's max bto is 160, even though Apple sells larger drives on other machines.
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    Greate for my MacBook! Although I can get a WD Passport 250GB for $140 and use the enclosure for my 120GB drive so its not really value for money for me. Super size though and they use the same perpendicular technology as the "server grade" 1TB drives of the Time Capsule. Wonder how the speeds are?
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    iMac takes Desktop Hard Drives so it won't work with it, It would work in the Mini, But apple won't put it in as an option.
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    Cave Man

    I don't follow what you're saying here.
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    Cave Man

    Won't work in an iMac, only a Mini. Two things you don't buy from Apple: Extra RAM or larger hard drives. Get both on the aftermarket.
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    I think he forgot the period before the "That would work..."
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    Cave Man

    Right - that clarifies it.
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    installing aftermarket hd equals bye bye applecare

    I was looking into upgrading my core duo imac with a 7200 rpm notebook drive. An applecare rep told me that installing any hard drive not approved by apple for the mini would nullify my applecare, even if it was done by an apple certified service provider.

    yeah, you could quote a couple of various federal laws that prohibit that sort of thing, especially if the problem you're trying to have fixed under warranty wasn't caused by the new hd, but i want coverage, not a potential lawsuit against apple.

    honestly, i think this sort of strict big brother approach turns a lot of people off of buying macs.
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    Cave Man

    Why on Earth would you want a notebook drive in your iMac?
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    cherry su

    You could buy the drive by itself and stick it in a mini, however the drive won't work in an iMac because the iMac uses desktop drives (and not notebook drives)
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    I think He meant Mini
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    Cave Man

    You *could* put a 2.5" drive in an iMac. After all, it's a SATA interface. You'd have to also kill the 12V line to the drive. Unless you're wanting to make your iMac run cooler and have less capacity, there's no good reason to do so.

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