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Discussion in 'Community' started by King Cobra, May 19, 2002.

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    MacRumors has officially reached 5000 active members! If you check the main forum page on the top left you will see "Members" and to its right, a number greater than or = 5000.

    Man, this site is becoming popular fast!

    Any time is a great time for iPod.
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    it seems to be one of the best sites out there KingCobra.

    Two thumbs up on my part :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    Truly a good sign for MacRumors and assurance of its continued respect in the Mac universe in general. Congrats Arn!:D
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    I think the best thing about this site is how it has grown. It's not just for rumors anymore, but for mac help, and even for selling/trading gear. To succeed, you must change, and good for ARN for keeping up with what we want.


    Proud to be a longstanding but low-post count member.
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    5000 x $35 is.....??? haha.

    dare to dream i guess.

    how many of the 5000 have more than say... 5 posts?
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    Mr. Anderson

    A quick check on the members board and I come up with only 863 members have 5 or more posts. Not sure that actually means anything.

    But the average number of posts per member 5000 members, 65,000 posts is 13.
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    There are at least 766 posters on the forums with 6 posts or more.


    The logic is that each page, going from those with the most posts to those with the least posts, represents 10 members. Since there are 77 pages with at least 6 posts per person, and page 77 has 6 members with 6 posts, take (77 - 1)•10 + 6 = 766.


    Any time is a great time for iPod.
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    Right w/ u ptrauber registered round the same time as u and also have a low post count. Im begining to like all the recent change to this page. I know this would be alot of work for Arn and Dukestreet but I'd really like to see a make over to the main page to something more futuristic or modern like a Aqua interface. I think the current scheme has been round since the begining (maybe im wrong) I sure everyone here would be willing to pitch in and make the site look better.
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    dukey, you got powers i don't know of up in this piece????

    or was spunc thinking of blakespot?....

    i think duke's taking over. first massive posts, then making everyone's avatars... what next?! ha
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    Mr. Anderson

    Ha, next the world baby!:D

    Just for the record, I've done all the 'tars because they're fun, not because I have any formal responsibilities with the site. Arn has talked to all the Demi-Gods about some make over issues, and I've put my 2¢ in, even coming up with some icons for the main page together with Rower_CPU.

    I imagine you'll see some changes spuncan, they won't happen all at once, but they will happen. MacRumors no nonsense approach to its layout and design is actually appealing in many ways, focusing on discussion and community, not on the graphics and geewiz factor. Besides, it allows for faster pageloads and less bandwidth usage. If you've been around during some of the major Apple announcements, the server get clogged once in a while.

    jefhatfield mentioned something about this happening, I didn't really think too much of it at the time. Oh, well.

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    yeah, i knew you did it for fun.

    i poke fun at you for... fun. of course you don't usually laugh, so i wonder why i bother sometimes... ahhh

    i like some of the new icons... the ? one and such. word.
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    poke fun at me

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    you damn freak. if i were on my own computer and not my parents' i'd throw in a funny picture of my own. but. oh well.

    glad you enjoy the fun poking more than old man duke... haha.
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    oh my god!!! do u have a high resolution image of that?! :D :eek:
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    Mr. Anderson

    I laugh all the time, I just don't do it on the forums, there's something about typing 'he he he he' that just isn't me. Mines a more sarcastic wit.

    Ah, the '?' is new, but its not mine, don't know where arn got that. It needs to be cleaned up a bit, maybe I'll submit a new one and see if he likes it.
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    i'm quite sarcastic. i guess what i find myself doing is making a sarcastic joke on here, then typing haha or something to make it clear it's a joke, so as not to offend anyone.

    so perhaps i have given you the wrong impression that i'm some type of goofy jokester when really i'm a cynical sarcastic bastard.

    i didn't notice the details of the ? so it seemed good to me. i'll check it out and see what you're referring to.
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    Mr. Anderson

    If I had done it, it would have most likely been in 3D, this is a mock up of a 3D image done in Photoshop probably. The shadow isn't quite right and even though the ? has a 'bumped' surface, it doesn't have any depth to its edges.

    Just a few minor things.

    An aqua version of the ? would be cool, I'll have to try that and see what it looks like.
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    I don't know if I'd like the site to have an aqua interface...

    as it is already...the Apple site is....and there are a few other sites who sport it...

    plus I use OS X on my TiBook...

    can u say overkill? :eek:
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    im sorry i dont...that all i got.

    but anyways... heheh
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    hot damn...snowflake kitty.
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    one scary freaking cat.
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    damn...oh well... :(

    where did u find it though??
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    that's the beauty of it... it's a self portrait! haha!
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    Mr. Anderson

    Not an aqua interface, that would be over kill. But aqua references, look at the new apple logo arn's using. Nothing fancy, just tasteful.
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    well...not a total makeover...but a few details here & there...

    but if the buttons were to become aqua...it would look unfinished if the rest of the site were not..

    btw duke...nice icons in the private forum ;)

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