52 Ways to Speed Up OS X

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    Link: 52 Ways to Speed Up OS X
    Description:: After Apple recently announced a delay to OS X 10.5 Leopard I had to delay my iMac upgrade until the Autumn. This led me to thinking about how to speed up Tiger to get the most out of my ageing G5.

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    This is a nice list, although it's a bit of a mishmash of things that are about speed and things that are about disk space, and it doesn't really make any indication of how much speed one gains from most of this. As an example, as far as I know (correct me?), unless your hard disk is very full (<20% free), doing something like monolingual to remove languages doesn't actually benefit speed.

    Also some fairly amazing tricks like the SQLite cache cleanup for Mail.app should be on the list. Granted that trick doesn't work if you don't use Mail.app, but it's the single most shocking one I've seen for those of us who do, and have large mail libraries.

    The other one is that, at least it seems to me, there is a significant speed gain in disabling dashboard completely, above and beyond removing the widgets. In fact, on my iBook G4/800, I did three things: stop using mail.app (move it to my G5), free up >20% HD space, and disable the dashboard. This by itself put me essentially back in Panther territory in terms of memory utilization.

    Hopefully the person who wrote this will keep updating it.
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    Wow. "Ageing G5" is one expression I didn't believe I'd hear for awhile! I've still got my, by his standards, "antiquated 500 MHz G3 iMac" alive and kicking.

    I'd really appreciate a caveat here with a big yellow warning sign: Stay away from the "Architectures" tab! As many of us here are aware, if you're on Intel Macintoshes it's easy enough to break Rosetta compatibility with this utility. It certainly wouldn't affect the author's G5, but it would affect those users looking to get better performance from Intel OS X.

    Also if I recall, removing language packs has adverse effects on applications expecting them, Adobe ones included. But I remember reading that in passing, so I never had a chance to confirm it. Even still, as mkrishnan pointed out, that's disk space and not necessarily performance.
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    Thanks for this. I never saw it before and it makes a noticable difference in performance.
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    I know! Apple really needs to make the system do that automatically... I have about 2 gigs of e-mail, and it makes a tremendous difference.
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    So, some developer actually wrote an app to change the desktop once per month, and to do this is loaded in memory 24/7?

    Must be a Windows developer. An OS X developer would know that this is precisely why crontabs exist!
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    Which brings us to another common culprit for low disk space problems....teh pr0n. :eek:
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    The least he could have done is post a link to where we could download that program...
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    I don't get how repairing permissions will speed up Mac OS X.
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    Can't you set OS X to change wallpaper automatically after a set time anyway?
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    Pr0n joke... more for the "babes" than for the "nice program," I guess. :p And yes, you can set OS X to change the desktop automatically from the Desktop & Screensaver preferences pane. If you want to see really cool and useless, you can also put a vast array of irritating web content on the desktop and make animated screensavers into desktops. ;)
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    Mr Krishnan, what does this actually do as I don't get it, but having a massive mail.app set up I could really do with it speeding up. I do use POP though...
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    I think it is very loosely like the SQL database equivalent of defragmenting a disk drive... see this post:


    And in that thread, there are varying reports as to whether you get a benefit if you use POP exclusively (I have a lot of IMAP mail).
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    Cheers. Just tried it and not immediately different, but further use will tell more. :)
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    I don't either. Did you know that the only applications that are affected by permissions repair are apps that have been installed with an installer and have a receipt package? It's true.
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    Hmm, seems to help my MacBook Pro a bit. It has gotten bogged down a lot.
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    nice list :) thanks

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