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5S even smaller of an update then we might think

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sulpfiction, Aug 31, 2013.

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    With the abundance of rumors and leaks about the 5S, there isn't much left to be seen, or excited about...Except the FP sensor. Just about evey "credible" analyst predicts there will be one, but I'm starting to really doubt it. Where is it? How is it being kept so tightly under wraps? And if not the sensor itself, how about a part or void or cable that hints at a difference in layout for or behind the button? We've seen nothing. There are just as many FP sensors being produced as there are ribbon cables, flashes, casings, battery's, etc. And u mean to tell me not one single hint has leaked about it? Seems really strange for something that's being taken for granted.
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    Not that I wouldn't love a surprise unveiling with no previous leaks, but I don't mind leaks much. I look at it as, you can be surprised now, or you can be surprised later. I don't mind being "surprised in little increments" before the keynote. And while nothing official has been announced, what does concern me is that this is shaping up to be another 4S type upgrade. Camera, processor, and one added feature (fingerprint reader?). What more do I want? Well, I don't know. But I'd be lying if I said I was excited about the new phone given these leaks are accurate. Again, that's not because of the leaks, the phone itself just doesn't excite me. I'll just have to wait for September 10...
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    I'm sort of getting the same vibe. I'm really hoping they're just keeping it under wraps for some reason. One could argue, "well the entire device leaked, why not that?" and I think there's an easy explanation. I'm one of those people that believes that some of these leaks are intentional for publicity. I don't think Apple gets them leaked but they let people leak them, because I refuse to believe that a powerhouse company like that couldn't stop the leaks in some way. It hypes up releases and gets people ready for them (i.e. people selling their devices in order to get new ones) and because of that, more likely to buy the new product.

    But yes, I'm a bit concerned it won't be in the product. I won't be surprised either way. If it's not in the 5S, I will have an easy choice by not upgrading from my 5 and waiting for the 6. But I'm hoping that will be there and maybe one other surprise feature (wireless charging?) and then I might be baited to get one.
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    Of course. The stuff Apple is OK with leaking out gets yep'd by a Jim Dalrymple or John Gruber routinely. The wow factor stuff they don't want leaked such as the fp sensor doesn't get confirmed in advance by any of the top people who get favourable access to Apple personnel and events.
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    My point exactly. I'm not really sure what exactly I want either. I leave that up to apple to figure out. But I'm just not hyped up this year. And the one thing I was kinda excited for (the FP sensor), I don't believe is coming this year. Maybe the 6, but not this year. Which is gonna make for a really boring announcement on the 10th. Funny thing is that I will still be pre-ordering the second it becomes available. But for the fist time in iPhone history, I don't really know why.
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    Fingerprint sensor is definitely happening. Apple hasn't allowed the front of the 5S to leak for a reason, the home button is visually and aesthetically different than previous iPhones
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    There are definitely controlled leaks. But a lot aren't controlled by apple. There are so many people working on these things that little parts slip out here and there. And something like a home button part seems relatively easy to smuggle. Maybe I'm wrong, but Its just really odd that we haven't seen a single thing with only 10 days left. I really hope that apple has kept this sensor totally hidden, and the first time we see it is on the 10th. That would be phenomenal considering its the most sought after part on the whole phone. But I'm starting to doubt it.
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    Eventually it was going to happen that there aren't major breakthroughs to make every year to the iPhone/iPad, even the Android stuff. Until these guys figure out a good way to actually change the form factor into something insane like a hologram you interact with or something we can't even dream of, there's not much else to do other than faster processors, better camera's, slightly thinner, higher res. screens, etc. That's not a knock on Apple or anyone else, just what could they do that would be shocking at this point? Especially with the amount of internet reporting going on, if you're a very casual user who pays no attention, yes, you might be surprised to an extent, but if you're on MR reading these forums you're not going to be surprised. But making an excellent product better is never a bad thing. They don't have to re-invent the wheel. The wheel was only invented once.


    At this point the best upgrades they can make are to the software, not the hardware. A totally revamped, faster, more accurate, and deeply integrated Siri would be a gigantic improvement. And if they would allow Siri to be integrated into non-Apple apps that would be spectacular.
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    Maybe you forgot, but we didn't know what the 4S looked like until the day of the announcement.
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    You can't know this for sure. In fact, I would say all you could do is base your opinion on what you read online.

    That said, not everyone will be happy and no one can expect that there will be these earth shattering changes from the 5 to the 5S.
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    Always get a kick out of those that complain, and state they are bored that the next iphone will not be revolutionary or the leaks don't give them the Wow factor. But still Apple sells millions of them and those that complain fade away until next time to complain again.

    For me, I'll wait another 10 days until the announcement. Than make the purchase. ;):D
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    The most disappointing launch was the 4S IMO. There were a ton of incorrect rumors all pointing to some complete redesign. And when launch day came, the majority of people online following the live feed were really disappointed to say the least.


    I'm not complaining. I'm just stating that I find it odd that not one single leak of the FP sensor has come out. And Like I said in my original post, I'll be up at 3amEST to preorder as well. I've gotten every iPhone on launch day. But this year doesn't seem as exciting as in the past.
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    It's an S release. We already know what it's going to look like. The exciting parts will be unveiled at the keynote.

    The 3GS was more exciting than this because we didn't know what to expect. It was the first S release.

    The 4S was more exciting because we still didn't know what to expect. All the leaks were wrong.

    It's also the 7th iPhone so naturally, things won't be as exciting as the earlier ones.
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    Exactly..Because nothing changed about the hardware. I could've let u hold a 4S before it launched and u would've never known. A FP sensor is hardware. Things have to physically change. The flash is apparently changing..And we've seen leaks about it. The battery is supposedly slightly changing and we've seen leaks. The colors are changing...we've seen leaks. A huge change to the home button/FP sensor is supposedly happening...Not a single leak.
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    This is a total guess on your part.
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    Actually there was a leak a few months go indicating that the mechanics behind the home button were different in the next iPhone and that there was to be more space where the home button is, possibly for a new sensor.
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    I dunno, Apple seems to focus on usability, and I don't see how a fingerprint sensor would really add much, if anything. That feature could not be lower on my list of wants, if it's on the list at all.
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    Only confirmation we've heard about the FS is the 'biometrics folder' found in iOS7 beta 4. there was a reference to a fingerprint scanner.
    Then again it may have just been in there for future use.
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    I think Apple has done better keeping things under wrap. But, folks, this is only a S model and even a finger sensor will not do much for most. I would not even use such a thing if it got in the way of me using my phone.

    iOS 7 is what interests me the most. Having call blocking is a great and long awaited feature. I can wait for the larger screen of the 6!:p
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    I think the 5S may exceed people's expectations , specifically where the fingerprint sensor is concerned.

    Pass codes and patterns (Android unlock option ) on mobile phones can be annoying. A seamless and secure authentication system is worth more than most people think.

    A faster, better camera is always welcome too.
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    I disagree. I think after TC made the statement "We're doubling down on secrecy" the flood gates opened on leaks. Nothing has been kept under wraps the past few years. And I understand that it's pretty much impossible to keep secrets on something so big. And I also disagree on the FP sensor. If it does come to fruition, and it's done right, it could be the huge. IMO, every FP scanner to date is complete garbage. If apple employs new technology that works properly & is very secure (which I believe apple will), the possibilities are endless. It's coming. But when I don't know.
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    And many naive posters doubted these leaks because of TC's "doubling down on secrecy" comment.
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    I'm not expecting much. But as a 4S owner it should be a worthy upgrade for me. Any surprises will just add to that.

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