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5th Ave, 14th St or SoHo Apple Stores New York City, New York

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by italiano40, Jun 14, 2008.

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    Can't wait to get my iphone 3g hope i am first in line
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    This should be changed to "5th Ave." as opposed to "5th Street". The former runs North to South while the latter runs East to West.

    I understand that most members on this forum know that the store is located on 5th Ave., but nonetheless the correction should make it clearer for all members.
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    You should just make it general, meaning (5th Ave, 14th St or SoHo Apple Stores)

    Would be cool to be at any one, but I think I'll just be on the Island.
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    Shouldn't we have separate threads for each store?

    Each store is at least a train ride apart. :)

    I wanted to try my luck and pick mine up at like 4 AM at the 5th Ave store, but I don't think I can wait. I'll be driving home from NJ, so I hope Garden State plaza has it.
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    Release Time

    Do we know at this point what time they'll be releasing the phone?

    I have a plane to catch at 12:30pm out of LaGuardia and I'm happy to stand in line at 5th avenue with my luggage but... if it's 6:00pm again, the release time will not be early enough for me.

    Guess I could head to an AT&T store once I get to DC and hope they're not out of phones.
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    Probably be 6pm like last time. Gives the news outlets a story for the day, since they don't cover the war in detail any longer, and it gives Apple free press coverage. Although the lines this time won't be as long, only the more rabid for the new iPhone will jump in line.
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    why they launching it so late
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    to be a pain in the ass!
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    Hmm, I'm still undecided on whether I'll get one or not. Last year I took a half day and waited at an AT&T store near City Hall and had fun with the other waiting. I've got some Steve Miller tickets on July 11th that I can't pass up but I'd love to read some postings on my current iPhone regarding the happenings at the NYC Apple stores. :)
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    I'm gonna try 14th St, then 5th Ave, and if I have to, SoHo. I'm going to work with my dad so we'll be going at 8PM. Hopefully they'll have some black 16gb's left!
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    Well.. we now know Apple is also launching at 8am. I'll be in Manhattan starting at 7pm Thursday night. I would have no problem going to an AT&T store, but I have an Apple gift card with $40 on it and I also still have the early-adopter coupon with about $60 on it. Anyone know if those ever expired? I hope not :/

    Looks like I'll be trying the cube, then SoHo if that fails. The cube seems like a terrible, terrible idea.. but it should be exciting at least.
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    Victor ch

    I might join you guys, Im in NY 'till the 14th so I'll prolly get the 3G one here. I will only qualify for one if Im getting the flull plan right? no pre-paid or pay-as-you-go?

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    Damn weekday iPhone launches!

    Assuming I'm there on time and have a decent place in line, does anyone think I could make it to work by 9am?

    And does anyone think they'll sell out of black 16G's by the end of the day?

    And does anyone think launching this on a non-holiday Friday morning suck for people that actually have jobs?

    Oh, and does anyone want to buy a 16G First-Gen iPhone for $300? :D
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    Depends on which store (and I mean both Apple store vs. AT&T store as well as geographical location) you go to. I, for example, fully expect to still be in line past 9am as I'll be at the cube in NYC. Even though I'll probably get in line at around 5am, perhaps earlier, perhaps later.. I just don't think I'll even get to an Apple rep before 9am. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but better to err on the side of caution rather than on the side of optimism.. it helps reduce frustration and disappointment. At least that's how I see it.

    The simple answer: it's impossible to tell.

    Again, it depends heavily on what store you'll go to.

    Personally, I think the answer is no. The 16GB phone is $299. That's a full $100 premium over the 8GB iPhone, for nothing but 8GB more in storage space (pretty crazy, if you ask me, but it's Apple style pricing). The point is: I think the 8GB iPhone 3G is going to be--BY FAR--the most popular version among the totality of iPhone 3G customers. Personally, I'm going for the black 16GB model, but that's only because I have $100 worth in a combo of gift card/early adopter coupon.

    Again, short answer: depends on store you go to but in general: no.

    Answer? Probably. But why would Apple care? Either way, they're poised to sell a ******** of iPhone 3G's. Besides, they're obviously not just going to sit on their ass and wait for a holiday... duh.
    If you don't have a job, I don't see how you can afford the price of an iPhone 3G, complete with what it will cost you throughout the contract period, unless, like me, you're a student :D

    Point being: you're not alone here. In fact, you're in the overwhelming majority. I'm guessing that at the very least, 90% of iPhone 3G buyers will be professionals. The rest will be students and other groups. (Wild guess there).

    Finally, a question where I can give only a short answer: NO.
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    I'm at the SoHo Apple Store as we speak!

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    anyone on line or been thru process at 5th avenue store that can givr stock status would be appreciated......
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    sold out?

    the ATT store I was at this morning sold out (43&lex) and now I want to hit up one of the main apple stores. any idea what the stock is like? have they run out yet?
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    Apple Stores

    anyone know what stock is looking like at any of the apple stores in NYC?? am I foolish to wait until after 6 PM?? I'm not counting on any of the AT&T stores having any...

    didn't think this would be an issue when they made the release announcement a month in advance... oh well..
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    I think you will be fine at the 5th ave store. seems like they have enough stock. the lines are very long but should die down later tonight. I wish I could get mine there but I am a corporate customer... hates on att:mad:
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    I asked at my local att store this week if My girlfriend and I would be able to EACH purchase a phone on the same Credit card, they assured me that we could, but to be honest I don't know if thats true. since it looks like I will be going to the apple store this afternoon does anyone know if I will run into any problems purchasing both on the same card.
    we are new customers and will both be present.. any help would be much appreciated.
    thank you
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    I just passed by and the line is around the corner and down to madison avenue. hopefully it will die down and they'll have stock left. otherwise i'll just swing by tomorrow.
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    hey whats up,

    i'll make sure to check out your videos and keep us posted :D
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