5th Gen iPod Retail in NYC?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by JordanShapiro, Oct 17, 2005.

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    I can't wait any longer and the Apple store folks are getting annoyed with me calling every day.

    Has the 5th gen hit retail yet? Anyone know where, have sightings, etc? In NYC specifically, as that's where I live. I don't want to wait til Thursday which seems to be what the store and Tekserve are quoting. Maybe I'll try B&H.

    Help! Please!
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    No one has any idea if there are 5th gens in stock in NYC?
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    AFAIK... no one has reported having retail stock of 5g iPod's yet.
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    Well doesn't that suck.

    I've found one retailer that is promising Thursday, but I'm not going to reveal them because I damn well want one as soon as I can get one. :p
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    i hope south shore plaza gets it in and has plenty of stock by the weekend (my parents are coming up) ;)
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    I should Have mine on Thursday :)
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    From where?
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    If you get sooner wouldn't you need the ipod updater?

    Apple hasn't released that yet.
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    Not Yet

    I work literally 2 blocks from the Soho store, and while they DO have the new iMacs (they are awesome!), they told me the iPods would be "shipping this week", which means they won't arrive until next week. Not so sure I believe that. I'll just go there every day until they materialize ;)

    I'l keep you posted Jordan!
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    Thanks! I've been calling three times a day. I bet they're sick of me.
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    5G in Soho

    well the 5G ipod are in the SoHo store all ready to go...alota people are buying em......i'm really tempted.

    whats going on with the nano tubes? NYC store hasn't had those in for a while and i've been looking out for them.....did they stop making the damn tubes?
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    Are you sure they have them in SoHo? I was just at the store and they were definitely not out on display. They may have them for sale (behind the counter?) but they were not out. I didn't really look b/c I was there to see something else but I did happen to check out the Music section downstairs and they're not out. Nano's everywhere though.

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    They're In!!!

    Just walked down there to see. Only behind the counters. The place was a MOB scene!!!
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    i went into the SoHo stores at 11:30ish and they were putting them on the back table AND selling them......BUT NO NANO TUBES!! whats up with that
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    Well one of the stores in the Chicagoland area said they wouldn't have them in until the 25th. Has anyone near Chicago seen and in the stores? I'm going home this weekend and my iPod died a few weeks ago.
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    When i called up every apple store in Mass, and the two on long island, there was a recording saying that the new imacs and ipods would be on sale on the 25h....
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    Some stores already have them in stock and some are not (I called three different apple stores this morening around los angeles area, one of them had it). Try to call as many as place you can. Good luck :)
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    I took a look again today in SoHo and they have zillions of the 5G iPods - both out on display and high stacks behind the counter. Black, white, both capacities.

    Impressions - wow. The screen is really great. The videos are surprisingly fun to watch. I tried some music videos and some shorts while I was there. It could definitely be a nice subway diversion.

    Wow, the 30 gig model is thin. The 60 gig is thin too, but the slight difference b/t the two somehow feels substantial and is surprisignly noticeable. The 30 gig just feels so slight in the hand. If I were going to get one, I'd get a 60 gig, but the thinness of the 30 gig is quite remarkable.

    Huh, it's a little awkward to hold (in terms of l-r width) after life with an iPod mini. Closer in feel to holding my treo 650 (despite the huge difference in thickness b/t the two). I put a 30 and a 60 in my pocket where I keep my mini and even though they're not that much taller/wider than the mini it was a big difference in my pocket. I guess if I'd ever had a full size iPod I wouldn't mind the size at all. As it is . . . yeah I'll still ask for one for christmas but it aint perfect. Yet.

    My wish for 6G: the physical size of the mini, 60 gig, and a widescreen oriented horizontally and a much smaller wheel.

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    Finally got the iPod. Tekserve will supposedly have them in tomorrow (Thursday) but SoHo got them sometime Tuesday. I called in the morning and again around 3 on Tuesday and both times got a "not in yet."

    Then I come home and read on Gothamist (which sucks, btw)
    which wasn't true. I called this morning and a woman on the phone tells me they have both the 30 and 60 in white only. I say OK, makes my decision easier. Get down to SoHo around 11:30am today (saw the guy who played Lisa Kudrow's husband on The Comeback riding the R with me). It appears to me they have plenty of stock behind the counter, black and white. Indeed they do. All 4 models.

    Anyway, I love it, and am putting my music on now.
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    i saw south shore plaza in braintree Ma has the white ones behind the counter. i have no idea on what size though...
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    Just got mine today. Called the soho store to see how availability would be on tuesday when they're released (as voice message says when you called). They told me they were already selling them. I jumped up, had to get it tonight. That was like 6:30PM.

    So far I like it better then my ipod photo. Didn't get to try the video out yet as I have one converting to .m4v through quicktime as I write (damn that takes long).

    If you can I'd get it from the Walt Whitman mall in Long Island. Traffic is usually low there. They had a lot in stock at the end of the day. Only white, but that's what I wanted. Whenever I want an apple product I always buy there.

    Roosevelt field sucks.

    Soho is the best, but it's always crowded, parking is impossible and I hate the train.
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    That's why it's better to live in New York City.
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    Dr. Dastardly

    Weren't the retail stores suppose to be receiving shipments by next week. I wouldn't be suprised if some stores have already received them. Probably most will have them by friday.
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    I do live in the city, just not in soho. Even if I lived across the street though I'd still hate the crowd

    All the stores I called had them. The message on the phone does say they're supposed to be avail on tues but as you can see they got it faster. I almost ordered online today too. 5-7 days before it will ship then shipping time.

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