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6 yr. old bought $275 of Pet Hotel in game merchandise

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Drinko808, Aug 7, 2011.

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    Ouch! Check email this morning to find this out.
    My son said didn't ask for apple id when purchasing.
    Think i would be able to return this purchase somehow?
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    Ouch is right! I'd shoot an email over to Apple's iTunes Support department (they don't have a phone line for some reason) and tell them what happened. They may be able to refund your money.
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    Apple does allow a one time refund if your not satisfied with your purchase (App, Music, Movie, TV Show, OS X Lion...) but I thought I read somewhere that in-app purchases were not refundable (don't quote me). Still, it doesn't hurt to contact Apple iTunes Support.

    Keep in mind that if you've recently typed in your password in the App Store, it will remember it for the next 10 minutes and you will not have to type it in again in that time frame. So either your son knows you password or you must have recently typed it in.

    either way, I recommend you disable In-App purchases

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    Thanks guys, I contacted Apple Itunes support and hopefully they can refund the charges because were finding out they are more then we had thought, over 500!
    Good Grief for Pet Hotel!
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    Itunes support contacted me back already saying they will refund $513.80 that he spent on Pet Hotel!
    Great customer service!
    Thanks to all that helped me!
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    This is just my advice, but if your going to let your 6yr old son use your device, I suggest that you:

    1. Change your password. Their is a chance that he might have memorized it.

    2. Enable Restrictions and Turn Off In-App Purchases when you give your son your device.

    3. Delete your credit that you have on file in iTunes and purchase Gift Cards instead. He will not be allowed to spend more than the Gift Card amount.

    I have 2 nephews (ages 2 and 4) that I take care of frequently and they know my iPhone is off limits, but they are free to use the iPad whenever they want. I have downloaded several kid friendly apps that do not have Ads or off In-App Purchase (mostly paid apps, I read reviews prior to downloading) because I try to avoid this type of situation. I avoid apps with Ads because I don't want them to click a link that will take them out of the app and into the browser or the App Store.

    My password is 12 characters long (mixed between letters, numbers and upper case) so that even if they see me type it in, its very likely that they won't remember it.

    Is your device currently on iOS 4.3 or higher?

    I ask because the new In-App Purchase policy went into affect with iOS 4.3. In the OP your claimed that your son was not prompted for your password while making those in-app purchases, so I'm just wondering what OS your on.

    Apple changes purchase policy so your kids don't max out your credit card
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    These are great points for anyone who has kids that use their iOS devices.
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    Thank You.

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