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60 FPS Video??

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by BulkHedd, Sep 20, 2013.

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    At the iOS 7 WWDC presentation one of the new features they showed on the screen was "60-fps video capture". I know the 5s can do 120-fps but this was shown months before the announced the new phones.

    Anyone have any idea what happened with this feature?
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    That is the slow motion video recording.
    It records 120fps of 720p.

    Normal video is still 1080p 60fps.
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    wrong normal video is 30fps 1080p

    you can download Slopro which will force your iPhone 5 camera to record 60fps and if I may it does an awesome job it looks like Apple did it. this will slomow your videos if you so choose. this is just a restriction from apple I'm sure when jailbreak comes along we'll be able to activate this function.

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    We are talking about the iPhone 5S

    EDIT: well, I was talking about the 5S... maybe the OP is actually talking about the 5
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    I assumed that since the feature was shown at the iOS 7 announcement it would apply to the iPhone 5. Why would they list it as an iOS 7 feature if it only works on as yet unannounced phones.

    Standard video is 30-fps.
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    My understanding is that the iPhone 5 can record 60fps at 720p. However, the stock camera app does not offer that option. The API is available in iOS 7, though, for third-party apps to do it.

    Edit: I see that SloPro has already been updated to use the iOS 7 API.
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    OP: As Lava Lamp Freak said, you can 60fps on the iPhone 5 via 3rd party app - SloPro does it (I can confirm it does 60fps at 720p).
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    60fps is good enough for a great slow motion video. But if you want true epicness then get the 5S.
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    60FPS video is stuck together with widescreen (16:9) photo mode...up Cook's arse.
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    Ok, I get it now. Thanks for that.

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