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60 GB 5Gen iPod Frozen

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ahollywoodcraig, Jan 20, 2007.

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    This morning I plugged in my iPod to charge it and left it. This afternoon I went to add a new cd to the library and I noticed that my iPod had not shown up in itunes or on my desktop. Unable to eject it I made what I'm starting to believe was the dumbest decision and unplugged the iPod's usb cable. It is now frozen with the "do not disconnect" screen on. I've tried to plug it back into my G5 and also in my car and it will not work. It won't even light up. If any one has any solutions I need them now. this is my favorite toy and I hope it's not dead.
    Thank you in advance,
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    psycho bob

    Have you tried force restarting it? Toggle the hold switch on the top then hold down select and menu for 5 seconds (sometimes more or less) until the screen goes blank. The iPod should restart. Mine has locked up from time to time this normally fixes it :)
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    Thanks for the reply. I tried doing that with the hold button on for a while and with it off and no luck.
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    psycho bob

    So you toggled the hold switch, just on then off, before pressing the combination of buttons together select+menu?

    You said the warning screen days on but does the backlight go out after a while or does that stay on as well?

    Have you tried reconnecting it and resetting, not using iTunes but the standalone ipod updater's instead? If it won't show up at all then we are back to dealing with the iPod alone. The only thing that springs to mind, if resetting doesn't work, is to leave it for a few days so that it goes of standby and essentially shuts down. Hopefully this might reset it. If the battery is low and the backlght is on it shouldn't take too long to drain the battery, the ipod won't have a specific 'memory' of its current state so hardware issues asside a complete shutdown should fix it.
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    THANK YOU!!! I held the combination of buttons down and it worked!!! You are a lifesaver!
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    It amazes me how many people don't know how to restart their iPods. I did it to a friends one time and she thought I had some insider knowledge about the iPod software, and they tell you how to do this in the manual that comes with the iPod!
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    psycho bob

    Glad it worked for you, I was pleased to have been of some use! :)
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    And all over Apple's main support page.

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