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600 lb Woman Grows to Couch, Dies

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by krimson, Aug 12, 2004.

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    This completely stunned me. I can't even imagine how this could have happened.
  2. emw
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    Somebody had to feed her, right? She didn't get off the couch for 5 years! How do people do these things...?
  3. jsw
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    I thought it was a hoax. But the site and the picture seem genuine. My God. Someone had to be providing her with food and drink. Who made the call, I wonder?
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    Her skin was grafted to the fabric! I just can't imagine how someone lets themselves go like this. Very sad to hear.
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    Erm.. how did she.. um... remove waste from her meatbag?
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    Ugh, that's simply awful. Don't we just love the whacko nutjobs who occupy this rock with us and let people get grafted to a couch? Seriously, WTF :confused:
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    well, there was that overwhelming stench... :(
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    thats like 5 of me combined welded to a coutch, i do know someone who doesn't move from his bedroom unless he is forced he's very lucky that he has the metabolism that he has otherwise he would suffer the same fate.
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    :eek: :eek: :eek:

    gawwwd... creepy...

    i didnt think that was possible...
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    Hmm, maybe it was 400lbs of poop in her pants..
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    Mr. Anderson

    Whoa, that's just not right....no doubt a crime scene - you have to wonder how anyone else could live in the house if the smell was that bad....

    truly sad story,

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    I would assume that she got used to it over time...
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    2 to 5 years. What about a shower or bathroom? No job? No life?
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    Oh my god

    The mystery is how this women obtained her food. Was she eating the couch? Was she eating her own feces? What did she do for sex? Maybe she had kitties, but I am sure they ran away due to the awful stench, or, she ate them. Stranger than life. Does anyone else think she had mental problems?
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    Possibly an eating disorder..
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    this might help for anyone interested:

    The 900 Club

    NOTE: unfortunately, the link is down at this time (1:41 PM EST 8/12/04)

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    Uh, people that are morbidly obese don't worry about sex. And often they don't worry about jobs. Disability.

    This isn't the worst case I've heard of, tho the uniqueness of "grafting" to a sofa makes it pretty bizarre...

    I knew a woman around 600lbs once, she had stomach surgery, but her weight problem meant her body simply stopped healing. So until she died, she had a hole in her stomach, straight into her internal organs... had to be packed with medicine, gauze, and ice several times a day. The smell that came out of that hole... *shudder*. (i knew her because she was psychologically abusing her daughter, who went to school with me, so we tried to help get her out of the house whenever possible).

    I know a guy right now that's about 550 or so, he's still mobile however. His lungs are starting to be crushed, and he has a staph infection right now-- his life is in danger. If he doesn't get stomach reduction surgery soon, he will die, but he has to lose 100lbs before they can safely perform the surgery. Doesn't stop him from eating 3 whoppers as "a snack".

    Morbid obesity is one condition I doubt i'll ever understand, psychologically.

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    How the hell did she go to the bathroom? I mean if her body has welded with the couch, she can't even roll to the bathroom. So she pretty much has to crap on herself. Can you imagine the stench of it all? The person who has been feeding her all this time should be prosecuted for second degree murder. I mean she was pretty much fed to death...
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    I saw this story on our local news last evening. A very sad situation, hardly the words to describe this. I agree someone had to know about this lady. According to reports if found that person or persons will be prosecuted. I just imagine that the surgery was just too hard on her heart along with the fluid loss that must have occurred. Probably also had an infection. :(
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  21. jsw
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    It also gives her height as under 5 feet. 480 pounds or 600 - either one is equally amazing for anyone - especially someone that short. Amazing. I just can't believe she didn't move in all those years.
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    God bless america....my home sweet home...ugh.
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    Speaking as a paramedic guys, this isn't all that uncommon. This one just made the news, that's all.

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    that is truly sad and disgusting, and the thing is someone needed to enable her to continue living that way. are they mad?

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