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600 songs = 9.4G

Discussion in 'iPod' started by katie.a-29, Apr 3, 2008.

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    I am having an issue with the way iTunes is storing my library - the entire music library contains only 600 songs (1 day, 14 hours, and 36 minutes long,) and takes up 9.40 GB. I just don't see why it takes up this much space.

    It also appears that the playlists take up way too much extra space - should they take up any at all? I suspect it's an issue of the quality at which the music is stored, but I don't know all that much about it. A playlist of 20 songs takes up about 500 MB. Is this normal? Another playlist of 40 songs takes up 1.45 GB, more than twice as much as the 20 song list...

    If you have any answers, please share. Thanks.
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    Yep, your music is all lossless or possibly even WAV format, how have you got it onto iTunes? from a CD? from a friend?
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    Sky Blue

    Do File > 'Get Info' on one song and see what the format is. Also look at the bitrate.
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    All Three

    All three ways, actually. And now I'm noticing a trend that the WAV songs are much larger than the Protected AAC...if I can convert them all the AAC, will it downsize the library?
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    WAV will be better quality than AAC, if you care about these things though I'd convert to Apple Lossless, otherwise 160/192kbps AAC will be good.

    Go to iTunes Menu>Preferecences>Advanced (Edit>Preferences>Advanced on Windows) to change the import settings (which also affects which file format you convert into in iTunes).
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    Yeah, that seems to be working so far. So Lossless will be slightly larger than AAC? Or the other way around?
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    Sky Blue

    AAC will be a lot smaller than the Lossless
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    It's definitely making a dent now. I'll go AAC, then. Thanks a lot, guys :D I appreciate it.
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    Select All and mass change those songs to AAC
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    I would make the STRONG recommendation to convert them all to Apple Lossless.

    The reason I would suggest that is that one you've gone lossy, you can never get it back. So, as technology shifts and changes (and compression routines get better), you'll never be able to take advantage of it.

    Do what you will, but if you have the storage space - I would recommend Apple Lossless.

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