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60GB AppleTV $160

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by taylorwilsdon, Jun 1, 2008.

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    Thought I'd give macrumors a chance at this before I sent it to ebay. I got this for my mom but go figure, she has an easier time using a Mac Mini for home theater purposes then this, because most of the stuff she watches is on physical (DVD) media and its too much of a pain to rip it.

    Big things to note:
    This is a custom appletv with a 60gb WD Scorpio drive in it. I have had some odd troubles with it, the most notable being that it refuses to update its internal software (v2.02 etc) automatically. I've gotten around this by manually downloading and imaging the updates.

    The unit works fine though, its all put together and is currently running the take 2 software. (v2.0.2)

    The full hard drive size is currently not utilized because I had to flash it using an image from a 40gb unit. You can re size if you have ipartition or whatever it is you need (tutorials around, but I don't want to crack it open again... so tired of working on it and just happy it works 100% now)

    I'd like $160, based on the fact its bigger then the $230 current base unit.

    Included are
    1xAppletv 60gb
    1xPower cord
    1xHDMI Cable (high quality, full shielding; not a kmart type)
    1xOriginal box and packaging
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    Would you be interested in any trades, or just strictly cash?

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    Honestly that seems like an ambitious target for an AppleTV that has been modded (so bye bye warranty) and, probably more importantly, won't update automatically.
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    my offer is set @ 120$
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    Not at all interested.

    The update thing can be fixed, I just don't have the time. I guess I'll listen to trades but not particularly interested. This is already a $80 ($100+ with tax) discount on a like new piece, and you can get warranty work if you swap a stock 40 back in (frankly, I doubt they check; so you could probably get it as is).
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    will the original Hdd come with It too?
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    They do check
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    Can you explain what they do to check? For all appearances, it looks to be unmodified.

    I can drop to $150
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    Its a different drive and they will know that...
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    $130 shipped.
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    Trade pending.
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    I shipped out the items!


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