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60GB iPod classic won't play in car?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by GonzagaDynasty, Nov 21, 2012.

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    Hey guys... First off, I have a 60 GB iPod classic that I use just to play in my car. I have an aftermarket Alpine deck w iPod interface that I have been using for years, no problem.

    Well all of a sudden my iPod stopped playing. My CD player recognizes it, and the screen shows that it is playing, but there is no sound.. Everything seems to be working as it should, but there is nO SOUND. I tested to see if it was the car by using my iPhone, and it played just fine.

    Now, the click wheel on the iPod has been broken for a long time, which is why I can just use it in my car. (iPod is controlled by the CD player controls) so I can't really test it with headphones or anything because I can't control the iPod unless it's connected to my car.

    I restored it and it is having the same issues. Does anybody have any clue as to why? I've heard of iPod's quit playing because of the headphone jack, but this doesn't use the headphone jack, it plugs in and charges the iPod as it plays.
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    Have you tried using an adaptor to connect your iPod to the car by its headphone jack?
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    Well I would try that, but then I would have no way to turn on any music on the iPod, as the click wheel is broken.
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    Possibly try a hard reset on it? Something to try.

    I bumped mine one time and had similar situation where as I lost the sound. Did not bump it hard or so I thuoght, but worked just fine after reset.
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    How do I do a hard reset since the click wheel doesn't work?
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    Just hold your home button and power button until it shuts down. Then restart it. Not saying it will solve your problem, but will do no harm to iPod and may actually fix problem.
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    It's an old iPod, not an iPhone/iPod shuffle.....
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    Here is a link on how to do it. Do not be afraid to try it a few times if it does not immediately work. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1320
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    I appreciate your help, but again, the click wheel doesn't work.. So I can't reset it that way.
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    Okay, got you. My Duh! My other suggestion is take it in for repair. They are actually pretty cheap to have repaired. I would suggest trying to find a iPod repair shop as they will most certainly be cheaper than Apple. Just Google for a iPod repair shop in your area and I am sure you should find something close. Better than losing everything on it. A repair shop might even have an old one around that the HDD is shot in and will simply be able to take your HDD out and just place it into it.
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    I would say both the sound and clickwheel faults are down to the motherboard and bad soldering joints. I have refurbished many iPod Classics and Videos and experienced these problems many times with no luck repairing the faults. Unfortunately its not a cheap fix as the whole motherboard will need to be replaced, the part will set you back around $65 or £45, and you'll need a very good repair shop to fit it

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    Well thanks for the tips, guys.

    I will probably just get rid of it and get a new one!

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