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6800 Graphics card for 30" Display

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by fatfish, Oct 6, 2004.

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    I've been waiting since June for my Dual 2.5 complete with 6800 graphics card, there is still no sign of it yet and the latest shipping estimate is November 6.

    Has anyone out there received a 6800 graphics card or is there something going on here.
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    The card maker can't deliver to Apple... so its not Apple's fault, its just supply problems.
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    Oh yeah, nothing's ever Apples fault is it :rolleyes:

    They launch a product, people pay a lot of money for it, they should insure their customers will not be left waiting for months on end.
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    I'm not really slamming Apple for not supplying it yet if they don't have it.

    Point is that I've had my 30" since August and paid for it, and Apple arn't exactly being helpful with information about the G5. If they can't supply it, thats one thing, but a little bit of straightforward information would be expected.

    I was originally told my G5 would ship with the 6800 on or before Aug 30, then Sept 3, then Sept 13, then Oct 15, then Oct 26 and now Nov 6.

    But it gets worse.

    I replied to an email from apple telling me the shipping date would be Oct 15, and I explained that I had sold my current mac and the purchaser was wanting it, I explained I was even prepared to buy another product to bridge the gap and asked if we could do a deal on a powerbook or something that was available immediately.

    I received an automated reply saying my email would be dealt with within 48 hrs. When I didn't get the promised reply, I emailed again and received a reply telling me that my enquiry was not suitable for an email and that I should ring.

    In the meantime I discovered that Apple had offered some of its customers G5's with a standard ATI card with the 6800 card to follow when available.

    So when I did phone, I asked whether this option was available to me, I was told it was and that a G5 with ATI card would ship within 2 days.

    After a week I phoned (Oct 1) to find out where my G5 was, I was told it had not shipped and now wouldn't ship until about Oct 20, but that the G5 with 6800 would be shipped about Oct 26 anyway. So I asked about a deal on a powerbook because I was unable to wait another 3 weeks on another maybe. I was told someone would phone me back and they did (Oct 4).

    I was told if I changed my order back to a G5 with 6800 card it would ship the same day (Oct 4). I phoned again today (Oct 6) to find out where it had got to, I was told it hadn't shipped and it wouldn't be shipping until Nov 6. I asked what had happened to the G5 they had to ship on Oct 1, and I was told that it had gone to someone with a higher priority than me.

    I couldn't believe what had been said to me so I asked again, this time the answer was rephrased, in that the G5 had gone to someone who had been waiting longer than me.

    I'm a fairly patient guy and if Apple can't ship one to me then so be it, but I just wish they'd tell me instead of keep messing about. However two things have particularly annoyed me:

    Firstly every communication from Apple has stated that the reason for delay is that they have had higher than expected orders and they can't meet demand, I am beginning to suspect that this is not the reason (hence my first post to see if anyone else had received a G5 with a 6800) in which case a little honesty would have helped me to know where I was going,

    Secondly, I have been prepared to buy another product to keep me going, but Apple made other offers which have not materialised and as aresult I have neither my G5 with 6800 or a G5 with an ATI card or a powerbook which I was prepared to buy in addition. Meantime I've got some guy threatening all sorts of things if I don't let him have his G4 he's buying from me.
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    I wouldn't say it's their fault, but I would definitely say it's their problem.
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    Apple makes the cards. The chips are supplied by Nvidia. So it could be Apple's fault...
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    sorry to hear about all of your problems, if i were you i would call back, demand a manager, and not hang up the phone until you get a shipping confirmation number or something like that to ensure that you are getting a machine shipped to you asap
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    Apple doesn't make anything.

    I'm sorry about your problems with Apple Support but in all truthfulness, this seems VERY familiar to other stories from other Brits. This seems to be a problem isolated to Britain, and although the US Support isn't perfect, they don't jerk you around so much with telling you that your order is shipping tomorrow, etc; in the US they only delay ship dates but don't give you false hope.
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    Do I conclude

    Should I take it from the info you guys have given me so far that no G5's with 6800 graphics cards have shipped.

    Does anyone have any news on the 6800 and when apple might receive them.
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    Care to hook us up with some pics?
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    yeah that would be real cool :D

    holy cow you have almost the same screen name! :eek:
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    The last official apple article said that NVIDIA GeForce 6800 DDL cards would ship October 15th. Same goes for the 30" display which I believe they have now held up.

    Apple has little control over the parts they don't make. Apple doesn't make any of the cards. The only thing that make is the logic board. IBM makes the system controller and G5 processor. Other vendors make the hard drive, RAM, etc...

    This is always been a problem. They've always had problems with parts from other vendors being delayed. This isn't anything new here....

    People just need to be patient...Bitching out Apple doesn't help anything because there's nothing they can do about it.

    By the time Apple gets caught up on Dual 2.5/2.0 GHz G5 PowerMacs they next revision will probably be out. Which sucks I know, or maybe it will work out because they might ship you the new revision!!! :D

    Oh BTW...Apple UK blows! The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing most of the time from the many, many stories I've heard about other topics. So don't be surprised there when you get the run around about that PowerMac G5 fatfish. Probably won't be the first time it will happen. Its something that needs to be fixed.
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    Looks like they are starting to ship G5s with the 6800 ultra...

    I have a card on order and will post when I get emailed from Apple - currently due Oct 15th. :)
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    some advice: don't sell any old computer before you get the new one arriving at your place :-D (I mean if its your only computer...)

    because off course now the guy who bought your G4 wants it ASAP... wouldn't you be the same???


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