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6C115 - Jaguar Final Version?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by sphereboy, Aug 30, 2002.

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    System version: Mac OS X 10.2 ( 6C115 )

    Is this the final version number?
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    one word YES
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    weird?....mine says 6D42??!!?!?....wtf !!...i must have been scammed.
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    Thanks. Just wanted to make sure I didn't download an old beta version off of our Intranet.
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    uh did u download a leaked build of 12.2.1?
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    wow.. they have test builds of OS XII?? ;)
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    so you are saying you pirated our beloved mac os?

    someone should kick your ass
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    No sir. Our company i'm sure bought a multi-user license. Buddy. Don't speak if you don't know the facts.
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    you said you downloaded the os...therefore pirated copy...and you say "Our company i'm sure bought a multi-user license."...meaning you don't know 100%...your "company"?
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    All I have to say... it's not Pirated. End of story.
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    dude you got a bootleg copy of 10.2.1 , well done, and join the club :D
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    weren't there some versions that were released before they were properly finished? i read that in the Tinker Tool readme. it said that some features might not work because of the premature release.
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    the only thing changed was a French readme file, if the actual code was changed then apple would have to change the build ID or number,
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    I heard that 10.2.1 was realeased with some of the MDD G4s to fix a few things.

    The "bootleg" 10.2.1 that you speak of, probably came from one of the new G4s.

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