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6G antenna

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Artep, Feb 13, 2012.

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    I'd like to use my Nano's radio feature in its speaker dock, but placing it in the dock makes the jack inaccessable. Does anyone make a small antenna that could be fastened to the dock and plugged into the Nano but would still allow the connection?
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    Dock w/radio: My solution

    Well, it's not pretty, but it works. I took an old antenna and attached a modified jack to the antenna wires. With the jack in place, I'm able to dock my 6G and access the radio function. An added benifit is the improved reception which added several new stations and genre.
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    I meant to check in on your thread here, but forgot over Valentine's Day. I didn't have a solution for you, other than I had seen a blog where someone had hacked an iPod dock into his desk. He drilled a hole in the dock and shoved a mini-jack antenna in it. So when he docked his nano, he could plug in the 30-pin simultaneously with the mini-jack antenna.

    Can't find that website anymore.

    Do you have pictures of your setup?

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