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7.85-Inch iPad to Ramp Up Production in September at Foxconn Brazil

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 7, 2012.

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    Bits of information about the rumored 7.85 "iPad Mini" continue to leak out. Japanese blog Mac Otakara now claims that the smaller iPad will be produced in Brazil and will ramp up production starting in September.
    Mockup of 7.85-inch "iPad mini" next to iPad 2
    The smaller version of the tablet is said to include 3G capabilities. Other details remain a bit fuzzy, but the source who claims to have seen a prototype reports that the device will be thinner than rivals including the Kindle Fire. The device is said to be as thin as the 4th Generation iPod Touch.

    Multiple sources have now claimed that Apple is coming out with a miniaturized version of the iPad this fall. The most recent report from Bloomberg pinpointed an October launch for the device.

    Article Link: 7.85-Inch iPad to Ramp Up Production in September at Foxconn Brazil
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    This is probably just as likely at the moment as the hideous stretched iPhone 5 prototype that's been touted around. Most likely Apple causing misdirection as part of their new security plan...
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    ^This, I agree.
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    The question is, how will web browsing be like? On the regular iPad, it's pretty good -- text links are easy to tap without making too many mistaps, but if my Galaxy Tab is anything to go by, things might not be as pleasant.

    Granted, my Tab is a first-generation model that has a 1024 x 600 resolution compared to 1024 x 768.
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    What is it going to be like? A large iPod touch or a smallish tablet?
    To each his own i guess. I reserve judgement until I try it out myself.
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    *The device is said to be as thin as the 4th Generation iPod Touch.*

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    No reason why they can't do this. They've got a lot more surface area to spread the components around.

    I just don't see it happening though.
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    ipad is still pretty affordable and aggressively priced, this smaller version makes no sense, as it would either kill purpose of ipod touch or might prove as a strong competitor to all the other crap like kindle fire n what not in the market, its very interesting to see how this all develops, nope i dont think apple will announce this.

    makes no sense!


    making ipad smaller would not be a good step as we need adequate amount of area for a good web experience and apple doesnt offer compromized products, a big screen ipad can make sense not shrinking it down even further.

    if anyone has used ipad the screen is just right nothing larger nor smaller would do a good justice, it just shrinks down everything.

    apple wont do it, its a false rumor in my opinion!
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    What's so unlikely about either?
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    How many years has this rumor been going? Give up on it already.

    "The new small ipad due out this year!"

    "I know we said last year it was coming out but this year we're sure!"

    "OK, OK. We know the last two years we said it was coming out but this is the year!"

    Are these stories ran by the seventh day evangelists?
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    Apple will one day own a majority of the touch screen market from 3.5" to 9.7". You can call it the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad mini, iPad maxi whatever. The lines between them are blurring every passing year.
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    What's the point of a smaller iPad? You would truly be better off with th regular iPad size. It seems a little unnecessary to decrease the size of one of your products to compete with another company...
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    There's no way a company like Apple could pull something like this off. It will fail. Badly.
  14. miniroll32, Jul 7, 2012
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    At what point does an iPad become Mini and an iPod Touch become Large? :eek: Or more specifically, when does a pod become a pad??...

    Oh no's my brain is melting! Is a glass of water half full or half empty???
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    I need one.
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    It will need a better screen res than 1024x768
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    If this is true, then I'll buy this instead of the Google Nexus 7. There are still many more premium tablet apps available on iOS vs Android. Paper is one of them.

    Personally, 9.7" iPad is too cumbersome.
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    not an ipad mini

    i'm tellin ya; they are not likely to glaze over 'the word of steve' this soon atleast, that's my opinion; all this is my opinion: this will be an ipod touch xl. money they don't have a model with 3g/4g, it will be wifi only. this will be considered an entry level device to the ipad (which i also believe in light of microsoft surface will see a feature-add spec-bump to compete ala ipad pro? maybe..) it'll compete directly with the kindle fire and the new nexus tablet. you are still gonna pay a premium on it for that little fruit logo so i am guessing starting base at $250+ up to the largest storage capacity at no more than $499. this will fit that sweat spot they are missin between the current ipod touch models that top out at $399 and the entry level price of the ipad at $499.

    like i said, this is all my own opinion
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    I hope It would need a better screen.
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    Not a bad idea...

    Cover the range of practical screen sizes (avoid losing a substantial part of the market that would prefer that size)

    Offer a less expensive option - desperately needed to win the education market in the end.

    Remember when the iPad was first announced. Many saw it as simply a big iPod Touch and thought it would only have a limited market. Pundits were speculating that total sales would be very low. But it was a paradigm shift. It was a computer for the masses. My 86 year old MIL loves hers. They sold tens of millions.

    Now look at the education market. $500 is too much to spend on a child or ask a parent to spring for. $250 isn't much more than we used to expect in terms of graphing calculators. They have smaller fingers, and are more comfortable working on small screens. This has to happen to capture the education market.
  23. adildacoolset, Jul 7, 2012
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    While I'd never want to own a 7" tablet, this may be good for the people who think the ipad is too big. If they price it at $250, then it's a worthy competitor to the nexus 7
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    yes because what most people do with their computers was web surfing, content consumption and amount of web usage on smart phone was increasing, so apple played their cards right, remember netbooks? they were so pathetic to use and people were buying netbooks like crazy, apple again read all those data and introduced ipad, a capable internet device that was just needed by consumers.

    even today ipad is king of content consumption device and i love it, who would want to carry a laptop if u can surf web on a much capable device like ipad? makes sense
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    1. Keep repeating same rumour each year.
    2. Get page hits.
    3. Proclaim yourself winner if it eventually happens!


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