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700mhz Emac USB Wireless Adapter Problem...Help ???

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by johnold, Jan 20, 2011.

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    I am trying to install a USB Wifi Mini with a RT3370 chipset on an Emac 700 running OS 10.4 .... I have gotten it working on a Emac 1.42 running 10.5.... but on the Emac 700 it works for approximately 3 pages and then stalls out, any ideas where I should start troubleshooting it .... and to answer the most obvious questions, no I can not use an Airport card ... these were donated and I want to make them work on 20 Emac 700's for a school .... odd that it would work for a few web pages and then stop ... ???

    The 1.42 is USB 2.0 ... the 700 is USB 1.0 ...dont think it should make a differernce, but thought I would mention it...


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    it really makes a huge difference, some USB dongles will not work with USB1.1... fyi.
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    I thought if it were a USB 1.0 vs USB 2.0 it would have never worked in the first place..... maybe if it is related to the USB versions if I throttled it back in the software would that help ?... do I do that by decreasing packet size ?

  4. MacHamster68, Jan 20, 2011
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    you can try , you even could try to ask the manufacturer first if its usb 1.1 compatible at all , the problem is not necessary the speed as some of these dongles are usb1.1 compatible

    but i would just get a airport card , it just slots in above your optical drive behind the cover with the 2 screws , job done and you got wifi 802.11b that works definitely and the airport card's(not airport express) for your eMac are cheap ~£ 25 + - depending on the seller at ebay, usb dongles that are definitely compatible cost about £10 which means its not worth the hassle of trying to get one to work

    having said that some(only a few) eMac's 700 /800 had problems with power on the usb ports means not enough power so no dongle will work as you got 3 of them, one is occupied by the keyboard of course , the mouse is happy on the usb port of the keyboard , so still 2 left to try, a powered usb hub could if you got one lying around help too if it is a power on usb issue

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