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$799 12" iBook

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by GreenDice, Dec 11, 2005.

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    Amazon just drop their price on the 12" iBook to $799 after $100 rebate. I wonder if the rumors about the Intel iBook are indeed true. Or they are just trying to sell more iBook.
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    I would think they are trying to clear inventory. As for what reason other than they have to many, who knows.
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    I would guess thety are just trying to move them before the holidays. Although it could mean intel books are right around the corner....:cool:
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    That's what I paid just recently for my daughter's refurb 1.33 GHz current model 12"iBook.

    Hard to turn down a great little machine for that price.

    The only drawback to the stock ibook is that 40GB HD doesn't leave you much to work with.

    Unless you wipe and re-install the OS before you get rolling, the default
    factory OS install takes up about 12.5 GB

    A custom install frees up around 5 GB.
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    Yeah I agree, the 40gb hd does not leave much space for anything other then a few albums and a few new apps
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    If you do a clean install then delete unnessesary iApps and what not you can get more than "a few albums" I have 16.59 gigs of music (3654 songs) along with a few few (1-2)gigs of video clips and still have 7 gigs left.
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    40gb is enough as long as its not your main comp, i put most of my music collection 10gb on my iBook along with pictures and a few .AVI files and i still have over 20gb free.....

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    hrm that sounds like a good deal through amazon asuming you still get the warenty from apple and the rebate is instant instead of some mail in coupon pos, etc.
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    bleh nm it is a mail in rebate(just checked). I'll probably just go with a refurb from apple when one comes availible otherwise I'm waiting for the new intels.
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    FWIW I have never had a problem with Amazon rebates, and have taken advantage of a few.

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    The sale is gone as of now. Yesterday if you added the iBook to your cart it said $899, then you use the rebate for a grand total of $799! Right now, when I added to the my cart it said $999, back to its original price:( I would probably definitely buy it new for $200 off considering it would be my first Mac and I've wanted THAT iBook for a while now.
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    Bummer. However, they still have the $100 rebate...

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    My Itunes collecton stands at 42gb... Would'nt get anywhere near to putting that on an ibook :) I don't even bother with them on my PB, i put them all on an external Laie Drive. If I'm away from the desk or laptop then I have them on my ipod anyway so it doesn't matter that they are not on the internal drive.

    The ibook is a lovely computer though :D Doe's anyone know if it's possible to still get the emac? I know it's been discontinued officially, but I think personally they are quite attractive and would like to get one to replace an old pc in the office.

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