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80-Year-Old Aerobics Instructor Gives Tough Workout

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wdlove, May 3, 2004.

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    BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio -- Sweating to the oldies has nothing to do with the music at Carol Baker's aerobics class. At 80, Baker delights in making the muscles of her juniors scream for mercy.

    Baker teaches to a full house at Bally Total Fitness in suburban Cleveland. An occasional guy will show up for the aerobics class, but Baker said they don't last long -- she said the men can't keep up.

    Baker said she's living proof the exercise pays. She weighs 125 pounds and doesn't have a hint of the typical maladies of old age, like arthritis or osteoporosis.

    Baker said eating right helps, too, although she does admit to the occasional piece of cake.

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    That's amazing. I'm falling apart at 17.
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    true that...im not even 20 and i feel myself deteriorating
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    No kidding...

    I would post more, but I have to put in my dentures before I go to school.

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    I love it! This is exactly what I hope to achieve by having started a healthy lifestyle early in my life. ;)
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    I nominate eyelikeart to attend her class. No doubt that he would represent us very strongly! ;)

    Seriously though, I eat healthy thanks to my wife. I just wish I had eyelikeart's discipline when it comes to exercise.

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