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867 Quicksilver for pc portable!

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by the next reviva, Jul 15, 2004.

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    After getting my new g5, i have relatively little use for the quicksilver, and i have been looking for a pc laptop to tinker with. i have but a few requirements for the laptop, so take a look. im also open for offers on g4 mac laptops, so hit me up :cool:

    1) non-integrated video!!! GRRR on integrated
    2) doesnt weigh a ton
    3) comes with an OS and necessary laptop items (battery, adapter)
    4) DECENT specs, im not a killer on this, dont try n rip me.

    The mac

    Quicksilver G4 867
    Original super drive (2x i believe)
    64mb ati radeon 9000
    1.5gb of ram (3 x512 pc-133)
    80gb barracuda hdd
    Logitec Duo cordless mouse/keyboard
    ilife 04
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    would you take a loaded ibook 600 and some money. or just money. what g5 are you getting.
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    how bout instead of a laptop you take a trade for a shuttle xpc (mini pc)
    specs are:
    amd 2400xp
    512 ddr ram

    it's a pretty small and powerful system
    check it out here's a few links to some pics of it

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    Both offers are being considers, private messages are being sent.
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    due to the fact that im such a nice guy, im now taking ALL reasonable offers for anything. pc, mac, laptop, desktop, cash, electric guitars, you name it, ill give it some good hard though. go nuts. crazy-go nuts
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    Still available, pics will be taken by thursday
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    How an appendix and two tonsils? Both are only 25 years old and in good working order. . .
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    How about an IBM Pentium I professional desktop system, with a cd burner, a 3 GB hard drive upgrade and an Apple //c monitor?

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    I'll give you:

    Macintosh SE
    Macintosh SE/30
    Macintosh SE/30
    LC III
    Preforma 400
    G3 iMac

    I would consider this a seal for you.... ;)

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