8GB iPhone Price Drop, 4GB iPhone Discontinued

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by snowboarder, Sep 5, 2007.

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    pretty good business I have to say...
  2. ~J~
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    dont get me started... i paid $300 for a phone & SMS... all of the other features of a "smart phone" that were so touted in the introduction of the iPhone are also on the half-the-price iPod Touch...
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    iPhone Price Drop...now 399!
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    Not anymore...8 GB iPhone just dropped to $399.
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    8GB iphone is $399 now ....
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    Cool. Can I get my $200 back for beta testing for them?
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    I'm so ******* pissed off right now...
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    I feel like I just got punched in the face. Fanboy tax indeed.
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    iPhone 8GB....now 399

    That right!

    Well...I feel a bit upset...oh well, thats the "price" of buying the product right away

    Possible drop of the 4Gb iPhone too
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    Screw you Apple, I paid $499 for my 4 gig iPhone less than a month ago. I'm pissed... :mad::mad::mad:
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    This. Kicks. Ass.
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    WOW....I can't believe this....it is great for everyone who doesn't own one but the people who did buy one will be upset!!!
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    iPhone Price Drop

    11:12am - "But we want to get even more aggressive with this. Take a look at the iPhone. You know, the surveys are in: the customer satisfaction numbers on the iPhone are off the charts. They're higher from iPhone owners than any Apple product. Ever. They LOVE them. We want to make the iPhone even MORE affordable for even more people."

    "So we're going to do something about that today. We're on track to ship our 1mth iPhone this month -- to get ready for the holidays here's what we're going to do. It's clear clear customers want the 8GB model -- it's not going to sell for 599 anymore.

    "Starting today effective immediately, we're pricing it at just $399."

    WOW!!! $399 8gb iPhone!

    Welcome to mobile phone pricing...there is always an early adoption premium.
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    Ditto here. I plan to go by the Apple Store later today and raise some serious hell about this.
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    8GB iPhone price drop to $399

    After only three months, they're dropping the price by $200? And deleting the 4GB iPhone?

    I know there's a "bleeding edge" penalty, but jesus. There's a lot of pissed-off iPhone owners right now. I'm sure. :mad:
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    ******* Apple... I'm so pissed off...
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    Everyone has said that the iPhone price would drop shortly after its intro and anyone who bought it would be paying a premium...
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    The iPod prices don't look so good anymore...
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    I'm 3 days past the 14-day return period. I want my $200 also. I must say as a first time Apple product buyer, I'm severely disappointed.
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    DAMMIT...I knew I should have waited a couple months past launch! I too am pissed off...can't wait for the Zune Phone (JK!)
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    I'm so angry right now. Talk about customer loyalty - Apple can screw themselves.
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    well i only paid $150 for mine but the price drop means sales will go through the roof!!!!
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    See even your precious Apple thought that the 4 GB version was inferior.

    Go out and buy one if you haven't already kiddies...
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    You got that right. I've had my iPhone since 6/29, so we're talking about roughly $100 PER MONTH that I paid to be an early adopter of a $600 item.
  25. ~J~
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    Im starting a club... you all are invited to join... its called the I'M ******* PISSED ABOUT MY IPHONE DEAL club... dont worry... memberships are free for life... as you already paid $200 to Apple to beta test something for them.

    Our first order of business... im protesting until everyone gets a $200 gift card...

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