90nm PowerPCs Arrive

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    As previously mentioned, Apple introduced the G5 Xserves today.

    Of interest, according to the Xserve Technical Overview PDF found on Apple's Xserve product page, the new systems utilize "single or dual 2GHz PowerPC G5 processors using 90-nanometer process technology".

    Up until this point, the PowerMac G5s have used 130nm PowerPC 970s. The new 90nm 970 PowerPC chips have reportedly been in production and more information should become available in February when IBM presents the 90nm PowerPCs at the 2004 ISSCC.

    While no PowerMac updates were announced today, readers are reminded that Apple has recently broken its pattern of releasing only at expos. Last year's January PowerMac revision came 2-3 weeks after MWSF. Indeed, PowerMacs are promised to reach 3GHz by late summer of 2004, which would place an interim update within the next couple of months.
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    yay faster!!!
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    Phil Of Mac

    90 nm, yet it still requires gaping air intakes at the front? Looks like there's quite a bit more work to be done before the G5 is ready for PowerBooks.
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    Yeah, you won't be seeing dual 2 ghz PBs anytime soon. But what about solo, say 1.8 ghz???

    8 fans in the new Xserves:

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    yay they deleted my post and replaced it with yay faster!! :rolleyes: . Good catch and it seems like you're the first to report this news which is huge.
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    Gotta take my hat off to IBM on this one. Great news for Mac-lovers and the XBox Next:D
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    I doubt the PB needs 2 processors to begin with and I believe the Xserves user 8 fans because they need to stay alot cooler then say your normal PB or PM since they are probably in use about 60+% of the time.
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    I'm willing to put my money on some kind of update on January 24th... Probably the G5s, but something bigger. I don't buy that their 20th anniversary product is a poster.
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    Re: 90nm PowerPCs Arrive

    I seem to remember from the transcript of the braodcast that Steve mentioned 2004 would be an exciting year for hardware.

    We'll see if he keeps his promise!
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    So, does this mean in a few weeks to a month we get the speed bumps in the PowerMacs? How about 90nm G5s in the iMacs?
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    So with the new 90nm procs we'll see new updated PowerMacs and hopefully (crosses fingers) G5 PowerBooks sometime very very soon.

    A G5 PB is what I've been waiting for so I can finally switch back to a mac full time.

    I mean, Jobs did say that this year was going to be an exciting year for Apple, what with all the new products that'll be announced.
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    Rustus Maximus

    Well...he said within a year we'd see 3Ghz...but we can always be hopeful that it's sooner. At the very least some cool products announcements. GarageBand will be the app of discussion for the next little bit I'd say. Quite alot of power for basically 10 bucks.
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    Woah! That machine is hot! Finally a G5 Xserve.

    Now...how bout some new Powermacs and a some bigger LCDs... I'm on the market for a new desktop machine!
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    Can we please stop *crossing our fingers* for a G5 Powerbook until the summer?? There is at least a hope for that timeframe.
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    I still think that Steve might wait until Fall for any PowerMac upgrades and go right to the 3 GHz as promised.
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    Noticed the new 90mm G5's support hyper-transport protocol's now so this should help speed few things up since more and more apps are now using it.
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    cool. good to see something being made with the 90nm 970's! :D

    hopefully it will be an exciting year for hardware.... i can almost feel the new PowerBook G5!!! :D :)
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    did i hear wrong or did he say that they license XServe out to Mac OS X Server, Windows XP Pro, Windows Server 2003, and Yellow Dog Linux? What exactly does this mean? Can you run all of these operating systems on this Server?????
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    Well, I hope that is true. I was hoping to see new faster G5s today.
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    AI is saying new products from Apple are expected on Jan 20th or just shortly thereafter. This could be new G5's in 90mm form??
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    I think Powermac G5 updates are just around the corner. Remember, at a smaller process IBM can manufacture more processors at a lower cost so both IBM and Apple have an incentive to move to the smaller chips. This is a "good thing" indeed. I think the real question is whether or not we will see a G5 in a consumer level system in the near future.
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    Sun Baked

    Ooops, you're mixing this up with Intel's Hytperthreading.

    Hyper-transport is chip connect technology, similar to Rapid I/O, that is a lot like a packet switch network for the motherboard -- compared to the old parallel cables holding the chips together.
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    Phil Of Mac

    That's not the Xserve, that's the Xserve RAID.
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    My mistake.
    But they do look similar...maybe they should start using a word other then hyper.
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    Yeah, but do we not all remember "The Year of the Laptop" wasn't all that memorable, so "an exciting year for Apple" might now be so "exciting" in the end... Though I ALSO hope for Powerbook G5's by the fall semester, so I can replace this aging G4/667 TiBook I am using now (and have a REAL graphics chip -- 16 mb is nowhere NEAR enough anymore -- Radeon 9800 XT mobility anyone LOL!).

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