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9600 / 9500 Sale

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by Ensign Paris, Aug 8, 2002.

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    Ensign Paris


    I have the following items for sale, they have been used as production Macintosh computers in a ReproGraphics enviroment, to make a bid please leave a message here or PM me:

    3x Powermac 9500/132mhz - 128mb RAM - 2gb HD
    1x Powermac 9600/233mhz - 96mb RAM - 4gb HD
    1x Powermac 9600/350mhz - 352mb RAM - 4gb HD - Zip Drive

    Sensible offers please, Buyer pays shipment.

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    how much for this one?

    1x Powermac 9600/350mhz - 352mb RAM - 4gb HD - Zip Drive
    i do have some interst but looking for something to match up next to my 8500.. it needs a companion
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    Ensign Paris

    Where abouts are you? I don't mind shipping them anywhere, I just have to get the price cleared with my boss at work :) Let me know, E-mail guy@brooklineuk.com

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    i am in the VA DC area..
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    oops did not notice you were in UK... how much is shiping to US?

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