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a better ibook and tv

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by ouketii, Jun 28, 2003.

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    speaking of stuff, i think the perfect ibook would have the same footprint as now, but with a 13" screen at he same resolution. that would be cheeper, as they would only have to buy 1 size screen. of course, they would have to find someone still manufacturing 13" screens, i havent seen one in a long time.

    has anyone seen the new sony vaio notebooks? the white 10" widescreen ones with the integrated camera on the top of the screen. centrino too..w00t... the pics remind me of ibook...

    or what about a 13" widescreen - that would be great. with an integrated memory card reader, apple needs to throw in that for the photo section of the digital hub.

    also, apple needs to make a wifi tv adapter (or ethernet, whatever) to stream pictures and music to TVs. sit on the couch with your ibook watching slideshows on tv. or how cool would it be to have the program guide on your ibook screen, clicking on a picture of the show playing on a channel to switch stations on the tv... that would be innovative ;) maybe hook it into the quicktime streaming movie trailer tech for pay-per-view previews. that woul dbe awesome. kind of like the itunes music store, but for tv through cable. get what i'm saying?
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    Re: a better ibook and tv

    apple doesn't need to do this because it's just as easy to transfer with your camera...plus, that is the way that the camera manufacturers tell the consumers to do it. apple doesn't want to go confusing anyone.
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    Re: a better ibook and tv

    I agree with this part. I wish that the 12" was a 13", just to get that slightly bigger size to make it easier on the eyes and still in the same size as the current 12" iBook. But ... nobody is listening. :p
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    Re: a better ibook and tv

    deleted double post.
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    I agree with part of what you said. There were rumors of a 13" iBook, no more 12" or 14". Widescreen. I think it would be a good idea. Especially if you could add more RAM. No more soldered-on 128 MB. 10" would be cool, too. Sub-notebook.

    But, the built-in memory card reader is a bad idea. Maybe as an option, but why the extra cost for those that don't need it? And why wireless TV? You can already add TV out on any Mac (even the G5 now) for like $20. If you want to go wireless, click here or here. Don't know how good they work, though.

    As for cable-in, this would be cool for Apple to do. TIVO style. But that's what Formac and EyeTV are for. Not well, but they do it.
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    13 is an evil number, i wouldn't want one. i wouldn't want a 666mhz computer either.

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