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A cool Fall Autumn image to share!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Triplenickle, Oct 29, 2008.

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    nice, did you edit the photo by any means?
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    That is an HDR with 3 exposures (-2,0,+2) merged with Photomatix Pro.
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    Beautiful as always. :)
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    Nice photos.
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    That's amazing! It's actually still too bright and fake looking for my tastes, but I appreciate how well done it is. :) Normally I hate HDRs.

    Here's two photos. They're just normal photos, and look WAY better in Safari. Firefox really isn't very good for viewing photos. :rolleyes:

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    here's what I think:

    -composition is not interesting
    -tree to right has glow around it
    -woods in the middle look super flat
    -colours are too over the top and uneven

    ^just my opinion, ignore if you like
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    All the reasons above are why I think I like it haha. I'm a sucker for eye candy even if it is totally off from the reality of the photo.
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    Thanks. Photography is very subjective, but based on feedback from many others, your comments are polar opposite to the majority. BTW, there is not a "glow" on the tree, that's light.... it was early SUNRISE.... I would suspect your monitor needs calibrated.

    It's called the "painterly look". I prefer this look when doing HDRs.


    Marblehead Lighthouse- October 2008
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    I prefer that one, that's really good actually and if there was a larger image I'd use it as my desktop.
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    Actually, he's right. There is a slight glow around certain parts of the image. However, I said I enjoyed your photo a lot, and one of the reasons is because the glow isn't bad at all. It's not very noticeable, and certainly not distracting.

    I still prefer my photos without the HDR treatment. I'd rather get one-in-a-million shots that rely mostly on luck and natural circumstance when it comes to lighting and situation, rather than make the situation more perfect than it was in reality.
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    Well, I was there.. the light was as depicted...it was an uneven lit sky as it was early sunrise....
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    Yeah, I'm sure you noticed every nuance of light in the entire scene before you took the photo.

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    You better get some Amoxicillin for that cough! :)
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    those are gorgeous! You've really managed to capture how colorful nature is :)
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    Both are great photos. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks Folks!
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    Love both photos. Would use either as my desktop if you could get them to 1920 x 1200 (hint hint)...lol.
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    Nice Photos!
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    I like it, but I think the glowing tree (and over saturated right half) takes away from the water on the left which adds more interest, for the eye to search into the distance. But I still like it :)
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    Damn, those are really nice pictures! I really wish I knew more about photography. All of the pictures I take always look so amateur-ish compared to ones I see on the net.
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    Any chance of 'wallpaperizing' these?
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    Wow these are amazing!
    What wonderful work you have done! :)
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    Here is another one, folks..

    North Chagrin Nature Center


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