A cool freeware shoot 'em up for OS 9 & X: Xgates

Discussion in 'New Mac Application Announcements' started by barkmonster, Dec 2, 2002.

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    Downloaded it yesturday, it's pretty good, the objective of the game is to protect you're macs in the centre of the play area from the onslaught of the evil bill gates. Steve Jobs even makes an appearance every so often to help you out. It's hillarious and pretty addictive too if you like older games with actual playability anyway.

    You can download it here : Xgates
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    Mr. Anderson

    Its ok, played it once got to level 5 or 6, not sure and then got swarmed by Bills.....

    There needs to be better freeware games - this one was a little jerky on the mouse action. If I keep a game around for more than one try its good, this one went into the trash - you have any more you like?

    I also like ones that open up in a window and don't take over the machine.

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    slightly addictive, i made it to level 14 with 33911 for score until my two tibooks got taken by the horde. Sadly, i killed steve both times he appeared, so i didnt get to see what he did
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    27675 is my best so far, level 14 was the killer for me too, steve installs mac os on any macs that bills put window xp on so if you can resist carving him with the chainsaw it makes this easier on the earlier levels!

    It remind me of robotron or smash TV a bit, still prefer playing the originals in macmame though. It's quite addictive anyway.
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    my best was 26335 on level 14.Unfortunately i jusy couldn't save those poor defenceless powerbooks from the wrath of bill :(
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    Good game, reminds me of the original barney carnage i have on my mac LC. I just wish there was more to it than just a chainsaw and DOJ.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Robotron - now that was a game I used to love - are there any versions off that online anywhere?

    And I'll download it for my machine at home and see if its any better.

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    I tried downloading it, but I get an error every time stuffit expander tries to un-stuff it. What could be wrong!!!
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    Quite funny, this game... don't complain about it, people, it's freeware! I got to level 21 or 22 the first time, 68546 was my score... well, I'll keep it on my HD, maybe I'm not gonna play it a lot, but next time my PeeCee-user friends come over... ;) :D
    For anybody who doesn't know what this game could possibly be about... just look at the screenshot and the download it :cool:

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    Go T man!
    hehe, I got too 36k and stoped playing it was fun but I was in the middle of the cut secne and parents came in...
    So I closed off. They need a few more options but it is fun overall.:D
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    good job theT, i managed to get a measly 36K so wow!

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