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A critique please...

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by _bnkr612, Jun 24, 2005.

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    Be harsh, be cruel if needed. Or appreciate it.

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    looks good - almost like a album cover

    should pull in a few people well men mostly
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    very nice, it would get me interested for sure
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    Mr. Anderson

    interesting - is it a poster, postcard or business card size?

    I like it, only thing I would adjust is that you use the same 3 white dots and string/hair squiggles. Change them up a bit so its not repetitive image...

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    Look pretty good!

    The only suggestion I have is to maybe grunge up the small text a little bit more so that it is not so strong. It gets too much attention, I think. Maybe make the small text dirtier so that it doesn't grab attention, but can still be read if one tries.

    (I'm talking about all the little text that says like "Push on" "Crossover Plate" etc)

    Or maybe just lower the oppacity of all the white stuff besides the main "Blend" stuff so it doesn't compete for attention.
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    Definately agree. It looks really good, but the small text is so much sharper than everything else. Other than that I think it looks excellent.
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    Also agree with toning done the bg whites (text/images)...

    Whats Blend?

    When looking at this piece it was confusing to me what it is or is for. I was a lil lost and then I saw in the corner "blendmusic.com" then thought hmm well its something with music. And then stopping to read all the lil text (speaker, stereo .......). I think you did a good job on it but to me the feeling of the piece doesnt come quick enough, ya know? I had to make an effort (not much of an effort but still) to take in those pieces to help understand it. I think those pieces should come to me more naturally without taking much time. They should enhance the piece instead on make the viewer think about them.

    It was def. a good idea and your just about there I feel. I see what you are doing with the speaker pieces and the wires and the connections. Just try to be a little more simple I think on the images(guitar? in replace of the wires?). Make it easier to absorb without thinking about it and I feel this piece will come together real nice.

    *** I checked out your portfolio awhile ago and was wondering a font. It was for the New Years party I think with the tiled bground. You also have some really nice stuff in there. It might even be the same one used in this piece.
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    Good. :)

    Slightly cheesy; and yes sir, i like it!

    I would tone down the imagery/illustration text just a notch (don't lose those really faint images though); let that blend logo shine! :D

    peace | neut
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    mac 2005

    I think the overall design is excellent. Typography is fine, too, imho.
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    Much better. It really makes one concentrate on the information. I also like that you put in "Playing live" now someone would def know that this is a band that is about to have a performance soon.

    Only thing I see is the lil grunge brushes of the swirls on the top left and right. To me its too much but others prolly dont see this. When I look at it I feel like I see the same one used a few times and it doesnt play well. Itll prolly look fine without them but change them up or use it once.

    Nice change up it really boosted the piece.
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    Mr. Anderson

    I played around with it - added a simple rendered clouds in photoshop as a different layer and multiplied it at 50% and cut out the blend....

    I hope that's ok.


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    It may just be me, but all the graphics slope off to the right - leading my eye off the page. I would try rotating the top right graphic anticlockwise so it slopes to the left about the same amount that it does (currently) to the right. Then think about making the venue graphic square (parallel) with the bottom of the page. and moving it to the right. (Along with the other suggestions to "dull" the backgrounds and highlight the venue text - another way would be to make it a different shade).

    Just my uneducated opinion.

    Good luck
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    nice push. :)

    _bnkr612 that's a nice little print piece you've got there (I assume this is a printed flyer ... or is this just a digital flyer? If it is printed, what kind of paper are you using?

    It would look cool animated. ;)

    peace | neut
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    Mr. Anderson- That's cool. I can trust that you won't go 'round saying you made it.

    nuet- I don't know what they use. The guys I make the posters for just send it out as a digital print, full bleed. Being a small band, they don't have the loot for the best paper/output.

    Cheers mates. Thanks for the posi+ive remarks.
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    I love that design so much, I think it gives the band a very proffessional image, along with yourself.

    The edited one definately looks right, as it draws your eyes into the main information.

    Great Job!!

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    Sirus The Virus

    It looks decent, but if it's a poster it needs have some brighter colors that catch the eye. And something thats easily readable. It also seams like there is a little too much negative space, I would put more attention on the band name and the date of the gig, you have to kinda look at it for a while to figure out what's going on and when.
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    What's it for?
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    Capt Underpants

    It's for a band...

    edit: Unless you were meaning print-based or internet based, in which case I apologize.
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    really awesome.

    kinda reminds me of comedy centrals lil' ads.

    very nicely done.
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    I like it, but I love what Mr Anderson did to it, looks awesome that way!
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    Ah ok. Band as in, cover art? Or a logo? Isn't immediately clear.

    Print vs. Net is good question too.

    It looks good, though. Just out of context it is... confusing.
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    Very nice. I think the work "blend" should be a different color. Dark red, maybe? Or bright yellow?? Just a thought. :)
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    Okay, we know it's for a band, but, what is IT? Is it a website, logo, CD cover? I left my crystal ball in my cave.

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