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A day in the life of...

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by IanF0729, Mar 22, 2006.

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    ...a Windows user. One of our servers died. We needed files, hence the McGiver-like attempt to get at them.

    I dislike Palm Beach County greatly.


    If we had been using Macs, I doubt this would have happened.

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    Western Digital drives?
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    looks like a dirty dirty mess. persuade your people to get XServes.


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    Yes, actually. Two little 8GB disks. In all fairness, these were very old...why they were holding valuable data I have no idea.

    Honestly, the Snapper had EDO RAM in them! I nearly choked.
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    Here in Broward County, we're 90% Mac... if not more.

    I absolutely love it!! :D
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    Heh, they poke fun at me when I start working on my iBook, XServes are not in the picture.
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    Do you work for the county or a private company?
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    Why woudl this have not happened had u been using xserves? They are hard drives? Are they not? Do xserves have some magical data system to never have drive faults? Why didn't u back up the data on DAT or DVD or god you know...RAID? Why bash a windows server.
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    'Cause I was frustrated - bashing Windows always seems to help. Of course XServes would be just as likely to end up with a bad HDD.

    I didn't back data up because I assumed our IT department was doing that...like they do with our other servers.


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