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A Dim View of Apple's Photo Op: "I wrote that Apple could ...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 4, 2003.

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    I don't see any advantages to Apple giving away software to non-Mac users. As one reader said, iTunes is unique because it can help create an income for Apple (iPods). But iPhoto has no such advantage. iLife, IMO, is one of the biggest advantages of owning a Mac a great reason to switch. Making Windows versions of those apps would only hurt Apple.

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    what if the suite of iApps were available for windows, but just not free? iTunes would be the hook, but the others could be the line and sinker...
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    Dumb idea to put iLife into Windows. What would be the point? There wouldn't be much money in it, and it would take away from a Mac's uniqueness. Also, who pays for software for Windows... Maybe it is just b ecause all my friends are computer teenagers, but I don't know anyone who pays for software....
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    This would also put Apple in direct competion in this area for the windows market with Adobe. Is that who they want to take on right now? I don't think so - Adobe is too skilled a company and too valuable an ally. Stupid move.
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    It's because all your friends are computer teenagers.

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    No sense in porting all the iApps to Windows, but porting iPhoto could make sense. It should not be free; it would have to be profitable in itself to make sense for Apple.

    Strategically, though, owning some of the 'essential' apps on a competitor's platform puts one in a very powerful position. For years, the Mac world's been under MS' thumb to some extent, because of IE, MSN Messenger, MS Office, etc. Apple's been successfully chipping away at this at the same time they've begun putting their 'middleware' onto the MS platform. What a rapid turnaround! Keep up the momentum!

    (And get rid of MS Office next! It's all about OpenOffice now!)

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