A few choice words about my new 20in. iSight iMac....

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by bobert1985, Oct 29, 2005.

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    Yeah, my first Mac spoiled me.. and it was an iBook G3 that was 3 years old! :eek:

    congrats on the new mac! :)
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    Congrats, and look forward to many happy keystrokes on it.
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    I think what you've got there is possibly the best, most all-rounded Mac ever. Seriously, the TOTR iMac is just brilliant for the money.

    Enjoy your sincerely good purchase
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    What does TOTR mean?
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    Probably top of the rung.

    Damned Brits. :p :D
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    Or "tear off tangled ribbons".
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    TOTR? I'm a Brit and I have no idea either!

    Oh, wait... Top Of The Range??

    Ah. That'll be it. How boring.

    I was hoping for:

    "Tentacles Or Tourniquets? Run!"

    Anyway, glad to hear good things about the new machines! I got my McMini earlier this year, so can't bring myself to buy another major system until the Big Switch. Although a refurb or ebay'd iBook would be nice!
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    I though it meant Tenacious Opal Transversing Racoon
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    oh man i knwo the feeling, i'm typing on mine now, i can't help not taling about it, i my brother was showing it off to his friends and they couldn't stop laughing at the funny pictures in photobooth. i think every single post i've made today has been related to my new mac, and i wouldn't have it any other way :D
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    maybe its: "The Orange Tang Rotted"

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    nice nice purchase, want to get one too :)
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    The Overlord of Tiny Redmond
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    Funny how people respond to a Mac purchase

    I've been and am a long time Windows user/developer. I got a Mac mini the day it came out, and ordered a 20" iMac (still waiting) on the 15th of Oct and am desparately waiting for it to ship!

    When someone buys a Dell, they talk about what a great deal they got on it, but that is where it ends. There is no talk from them after they get it saying how awesome it is. After all, it's just a computer.

    Now comes along an iMac. Somehow apple managed to do something with it that nobody else could do with an all-in-one computer. They made it more than just a computer.

    My new iMac is supposed to ship out by today, but I don't see any signs of that happening. Needs to ship soon, or I'll have to return the printer I ordered with it that is supposed to be free after rebate if sent in within 30 days of ordering.

    I haven't been this excited about a computer since I was in college and had a new Gateway 486/66 with a Vesa local bus on order. That was when Gateway took over a month to build and ship your computer. I then shifted to Dell, and now I don't plan on buying anything but Macs.:D

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    It is amazing how Apple has made their computers more than just a computer. Hope you get your iMac G5 soon! Then you can truly start living the iLife! ;) :)
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    I'm sure Apple would be understanding if you called them up about the printer rebate situation, and explained that you'd ordered it but were having to wait, etc.

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