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A few thoughts..

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by Superman041, Dec 8, 2012.

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    Apple is resorting to litigation to protect their market share against android and Samsung.

    If you've seen recently Samsung are on the up and sales are booming. I think it's only a matter of time before they overtake Apple in the smartphone market. They're innovating much more. Their menu's maybe be too drawn out and endless but the phones have great functionalities.

    Little things like widgets, when you go to videos and they videos start playing all together, so you don't have to go into each video to see a small clip. Battery life is not affected as a result of this. (just saying, as I know people will say "but it'll drain battery").

    Have Apple slowed down on innovation ? Just making their products thinner, slightly faster ? Is that enough to keep them ahead of the competition ? I don't think so.

    Tim Cook, Jonny Ive and co have a big big job ahead of them.
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    Samsung innovates just like everybody else.

    They also have patent disputes, like everybody else.

    And Samsung already sells more than Apple.

    And to be fair, thinning your products down and what not is innovation in manufacturing processes and materials science. It's just not as flashy.
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    Then it's the software side that's lagging behind.
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    Apple started as a niche market for the different buyer. They balked at the regulars within the industry to do things there way. Adopters bought into that feeling and mantra of the company. Although Apple products have reached a critical mass it was never intended to go head to head with the mass produced alternatives. Apple takes their time to make the products right. That's what I and many others have bought into.

    The new market share above the "think different" crowd have adopted and really don't care about this artificial benchmark set forth from other mass produced users that think specs make a device. So the folks that are upset that apple is falling behind are the niche market folks, which does not represent the majority of apple users anymore. Apple is now catering to their new place in market share that is beyond the "think different" crowd. For the record the "think different" still made apple very profitable. Mass market adoption of the niche products has sent Apple over the top. Their in a very good spot. The underground little company that could is still setting standards and moving market share in their direction at their pace.

    I like where Apple came from and what it still stands for today. I liken Apple to grunge music. Small garage bands playing small venues that hit the big time but keep their roots. Grunge wasn't supposed to be mainstream top 40 type music, but now every so often you hear grunge music on classic stations or TV commercials. I guess that's how old we've become and where Apple kinda sits too.
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    So you're saying for Apple to not compete with Samsung and be "alternative" ? Accepting defeat ?!
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    No. I'm saying Apple has a place in the market. They have corporate ideals and a vision. This vision may or may not include you. If you don't stay they will still be somewhat profitable. They will continue to release on their timeline and with the feature set they feel they've mastered. They will release hardware that works with the software rather than just releasing devices with higher and higher specs. If you call Apple one of the most profitable companies a failure you might want to reexamine how you measure success and failure.

    Apple didn't compete with IBM and fared ok overall.

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