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A Forum for Speakers of a Foreign Language?

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by appleguy123, Jun 13, 2010.

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    I notice more and more that a lot of forum posters have English as a (sometimes very rough) second language. Is it possible that we could have a foreign language forum for people to communicate and get help in their native language?
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    If someone needs help in a language other than English, they only have to ask. There are plenty of linguists here, both cunning and otherwise.
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    I haven't noticed this. Perhaps you could link to the numerous threads that might support your case? Are you also recommending a forum for posters that know English but don't know how to ask an intelligent question? I think that one would be a lot more active.
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    With a dedicated forum we could more easily reach people that can help those with a different language. However, it would probably make it harder for mods to regulate that forum.
  5. JNB
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    I think that as this is a US-based site, and English is the lingua franca of most business and international trade & industry, creating a completely separate forum/subforum dedicated to a particular other tongue would be problematic and limit the amount of discussion/assistance available, as well as shutting out all others not conversant in the given language.

    We have many multi-lingual members, and I know that there have been several posts moved temporarily into a more comfortable language for the newcomer, as well as PM's between members.
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    IMHO it's not a problem...

    I would like this because it would give me opportunities to communicate in french with other mac enthusiasts, not because I am not proficient enough in english.
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    Here you go.

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    I know Macbidouille. I read their news.

    But the forums aren't quite as interesting as Macrumors Forums.;)
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    True. If someone is really stuck with an english answer, there are plenty of people here can translate it or give more help in their language. I don't like the idea of fragmentation of threads on MR in several languages.

    btw Skunk, my wife was asking for a cunning linguist, so I just licked my eyebrows and hurried over...

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