A glow from bottom of Air's screen

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ZumBeispiel, Nov 3, 2012.

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    Mine has the uneveness on the bottom. I suspect they are from the LED backlighting. Your seems to have a more prominent V shaped output on it though. Do you have warranty? I would take it in and see if they can replace it just because I know it would annoy me knowing its there but function wise it is fine.
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    How it looks like in your Air?

    The problem is that now I'm studying and I can't exist without computer for at least one week...
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    That's one of the LEDs that power your display's backlight being brighter than it should.

    It'll need a new display, and that *should* be covered under your warranty.
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    Is that windows 8 running on your air?

    It's normal, because the air's screen build quality isn't that great that you should see these V shapes emitted from the led backlighting. However, it seems a little too pronounced. If the problem persists, you should bring it in to an Apple store just to make sure everything is ok...
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    Yes sir, this is Windows 8 :)

    So far opinions are different. Some posts said this is unacceptable, some that it's normal thing.

    For example this guy had always this problem...

    I noticed it on a white background in Windows(and on Apple loading screen on bootup). On black screen everything's fine, only on bright backgrounds like white, grey, light red, green, etc. I'm not surfing in Safari on fullscreen, in that place with glow I have dock, so I don't see it. Nonetheless, it's kinda distracting, but maybe I'm queasy...
    The problem is I have hundreds of kilometers to nearest Apple Store. And I will be in my house in january, so far I will need macbook for studying/work...
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    Mine looks exactly like the pics in the OP. It is only visible for me when the whole screen is gray (like on startup) or white though, and normally my dock covers that area so I can't see it at all. I don't consider it an issue, just a normal backlight effect.
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    Yup a typical LED uneven lighting effect. Not gonna affect the operation of the machine but if it bothers you, take it in when you are ready and warranty period allows.
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    I'd take the advice above.

    Of the several MBA's and MBP's I have there's always just a bit of unevenness, that's perfectly normal. No display is perfect. I find that unless I obsess over it, I don't even notice. I'm pretty picky, so reminding myself that a bit is normal, and just going on with my work is the solution.

    Yet that said it it really bothers you, then take action when the time is right.
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    Im also extremely picky. In first days when I got my first iphone I accidentally dropped on the floor. There were some scratches that I didn't even see because I had iphone in special cover/bumper. After few months I was like 'meh, who cares?' and now my iphone is treated... well, badly :D

    Nonetheless, I'm puzzled. Like in others threads, in this some says this is normal, some not. I know that if I saw this after about year, I would be like 'meh, gotta live with it, people say it's normal', but after 2 months...
    BTW. it's samsung screen.
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    First off, it's important to note that none of us are there to look at it in person. As much as some love to look at others pictures of "the problem" I've never placed much weight on the value of a picture because of the limitations of a two dimensional image. Your description is of much greater value. Based on that what you're describing is the classic look of a normal characteristic. That you didn't notice it earlier is rather normal.

    When one gets a new computer there's so much to focus on it's easily overlooked. The fact that you have the highly superior Samsung brand display makes it even more likely to be normal. Not only have I owned well over 20 new Mac laptops in my two decades using Apple but we have literally hundreds at work. I'm only sharing some experience with you, at the end of the day only you know what you're comfortable with.
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    Part of the purchase price is the included warranty -- if there's something about the computer that bothers you it won't hurt anything to take it in when you can.

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